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St Regis Residences: What We Love About The Seaports Latest Luxury Condo


There are truly a great many things about the St. Regis Residences to love, and if you were to spend even 15 minutes browsing through them, we're sure you would fall in love before leaving. These are the first St. Regis accommodations to be built in the Boston area, and they are situated in the ideal portion of the city, right by the waterfront. If you love views of the harbor and the waterfront, you'll find a lot to appreciate about living in one of these luxury condos, where the design and the overall experience strongly favor the nautical experience.

The Residences themselves were built to emulate the billowing sails of a great seagoing ship, and being in such close proximity to the waterfront accentuates that notion. Residents can watch the sun come up from their balconies, and take a walk down the charming Harborwalk, where all kinds of seaside sensibilities are evoked. Dining at any of the many fine restaurants in the area will also conjure up emotions of the seagoing experience, with seafood being prominently featured on many of the best dining establishments in the area.

Interior appointments of the St. Regis Residences 

So what can you expect as a resident of one of these fantastic luxury condos? First of all, there are 114 spectacular residences at St. Regis, including everything from a very stylish single-bedroom dwelling to an elegant multi-bedroom penthouse, with all the amenities. Each of these residences includes a fantastic view of the harbor, where ships coming into or leaving port can be observed from the balcony. Expansive living spaces are included in all residences, so that the feel of luxury is evident in every dwelling. 

Contemporary fixtures abound, and panoramic windows allow in a great deal of sunlight to enhance your enjoyment of the seaside landscape. Floor-to-ceiling windows make your residence seem open and airy, and the Juliet or walk-out balconies provide the perfect opportunity to relax and observe the activities going on below. Wide plank oak floors offer a touch of elegance and warmth to the dwelling, as well as low-maintenance efforts for those who are not especially inclined to housekeeping.

When you're in the mood to cook, you'll love preparing food in the stylish and tastefully appointed kitchen. An open design offers plenty of space and light, and the custom Italian-made cabinets add a touch of class to the room. Polished marble countertops are dazzling to behold, and the appliances are of the highest quality, so you can do all your food preparations in style and with ease. The overall ambiance of the kitchen is fresh and invigorating, which is perfect when you're ready to get down to cooking meals.

Since just about everyone spends significant time in the bathroom, the builders of the St. Regis Residences have gone all-out to ensure that the bathroom of your dwelling in the St. Regis Residences is a place you'll love to spend time in. You'll come to think of it as your personal space, somewhere you go to rest and re-charge, and to pamper yourself with a warm bath or shower. The showers and baths are very spacious, so you won't have to squeeze in, or be careful when you move around. Contemporary styling is everywhere in evidence, and you'll find your bathroom so appealing that you may want to extend that bath by a few minutes every time you indulge yourself.

General information 

The St. Regis Residences have been constructed at 150 Seaport Boulevard, right in the heart of the waterfront district. An extension of the Harborwalk has been built all around the Residences so that occupants can easily get to it, and can enjoy the 43-mile expanse of seaside pathways. The building itself is 22 stories high, and will have perfect views of the harbor area, which means all residents can enjoy watching the comings and goings of the great ships in Boston. There are three levels of underground parking, and a signature restaurant included on the premises, as well as an entire floor (the fourth floor), devoted to providing all the amenities a resident could ever want in a luxury lifestyle.

Interested in the St. Regis Residences? 

If the St. Regis Residences sound as good to you as they do to us, please do contact us at Home Town Brokerage. We'll be glad to answer any questions about The Residences, or to setup an appointment for viewing.

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