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What Makes Us A Top South Boston Real Estate Agency


Two of the biggest assets a real estate agent can have are a thorough knowledge of current real estate trends and topics, and a deep knowledge of the local housing market. Those qualities are in evidence whenever you're talking with agents from Home Town Brokerage (HTB), each of whom is well-versed in the local market, and with the real estate industry in general. Of course, having a genuine interest in houses and in architecture is also a plus for someone in the industry, and that's another quality that each of the HTB agents has in large supply. 

Apart from the strictly professional qualities, some other excellent recommendations for a good real estate agent are the honesty and integrity which are appreciated by everyone they come in contact with. Buyers of homes, sellers of homes, professional colleagues, community leaders - all these individuals have a great deal of respect for real estate agents who can maintain their honesty and integrity while conducting business. It's not true of all professionals in the real estate business, but it's certainly true of the agents from Home Town Brokerage.

Home Town Brokerage agents

One of the things that sets Home Town Brokerage apart from the crowd is the outstanding group of agents who have brought their talents and knowledge of real estate to our company. It begins right at the top, where owner/agent Ryan Sullivan holds the dual distinctions of being a licensed real estate agent and licensed attorney. This gives him the unique perspective of being aware of many of the legal aspects associated with real estate, as well as the real estate issues themselves.

Guy Assetta is a Senior Broker in the firm, and was involved in the founding of Home Town Brokerage. His 17 years in the business of custom home-building and remodeling make him an ideal person to understand the nuances of the real estate business, and to represent the interests of clients wishing to buy or sell their homes.

Agents Peter Joseph Ascenzo and Sean Campbell have spent years in this area learning all the details about specific communities, which positions them ideally to serve as agents buying and selling residences in those communities. William F. Kane is a Certified Buyer's Agent who has more than a decade of experience in the Boston real estate market. A lifelong resident of the area, Mr. Kane has an exhaustive knowledge of Massachusetts communities, and has a strong connection to many of the landlords in the Boston area.

Understanding the appeal of South Boston

Another reason that Home Town Brokerage must be considered one of the top real estate agencies in South Boston is the keen awareness that all HTB agents have for the unique characteristics of South Boston. Each of our agents has a fond association with Southie, as it is known, and the long history and tradition which it has enjoyed in the region. Stretching south and east along the Fort Point Channel, and directly adjacent to Dorchester Bay, Southie also provides some fantastic views of Pleasure Bay.

HTB agents have carefully observed the growth and development of Southie over the past decade, and are aware of the steady influx of young professionals. This is no surprise, given the fact that the area offers so many amenities, and is also undergoing something of a boom time with regard to revitalization. A whole slew of building projects has been initiated in recent years, both for luxury buildings and for new business accommodations. Since it's also extremely easy to navigate to other parts of the city from Southie, it is the perfect place to settle down and take up residence for these young professionals and their families.

The area is also host to a number of terrific beaches, as well as some markets and waterfront parks, which attract both residents and tourists. The tremendous charm of South Boston has a great deal to offer to incoming professionals, and HTB agents are well aware of all the fantastic selling points which the area legitimately boasts of. Agents having this kind of knowledge are well-equipped to represent the area to incoming visitors and people considering a move to the Boston area.

A top real estate agency in South Boston

Any consideration of the effectiveness of real estate agents, including those working in the South Boston area, must also include a measure of their results. After all, a professional who is honest, committed, and knowledgeable might also be one who achieves very little. So, the last metric which characterizes Home Town Brokerage as an organization of distinction and achievement must be the results which it has achieved over the years. In virtually every neighborhood of South Boston, and in several other sections of the city as well, Home Town Brokerage agents have played a significant role in buying and selling some of the very finest homes on the market, far more than their fair share. The track record of HTB agents assures them a spot in the upper echelon of Boston-area real estate agents.

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