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5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Home Town Brokerage to Buy Your Next Home

Home Town Brokerage is a group of realtors in Boston committed to providing excellent real estate services to our fellow resident's selling, buying, or investing in the Boston area. Just what the name implies, we are Boston grown and very proud of our commitment to the continued growth of Boston. Our work is about more than just real estate transactions, it’s about creating and promoting a networked community of professionals, families, artists, and businesses that we can all be proud of. If you’re looking to buy, sell, or invest in Boston, here’s why you should work with Home Town Brokerage.

We Offer Extensive Knowledge of Boston Neighborhoods

Just a quick look on our website will demonstrate that we know the importance of location and that every neighborhood is not for everybody. Each of our clients has special preferences, requirements, and desires that act as identifiers to determine which neighborhood will better suit them. That’s why it’s important that realtors have a deep knowledge and understanding of their local neighborhoods, architectural features, and history. We are focused on keeping our pulse on happenings and hot button issues in each Boston neighborhood in order to provide our clients with first-hand knowledge of the ins and outs of Boston. Whether you want a luxury condo with waterfront views in Boston’s Seaport District or a Victorian Style home in Boston’s South End, you can trust in our knowledge to direct you to areas most suitable for you.

Our Experience is Unparallelled

Home Town Brokerage's collective resume in real estate shows just how our experience sets us above the competition. Our Senior Agent, Guy Assetta has over 17 years of experience in the custom home building and remodeling industry. His knowledge and involvement in the real estate industry qualifies him as the perfect person to guide you through the home buying process. Our team’s varying backgrounds around the real estate industry bring about a well-rounded approach to servicing our customers. For example, our Real Estate Agent, Peter Joseph Ascenzo, started with a personal interest in exploring different Boston neighborhoods and communities which eventually turned into a focus on real estate. Peter began his career in real estate as a property manager and later on as an investor. Now with 10 years of experience under his belt, he has a hands-on knowledge to not only understand what it’s like from a buyer’s or seller’s perspective but also how to develop strategic partnerships and relationships within the real estate business community that would bring value to his clients. Many of our agents share similar stories of interest and experience that bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our business.

We Provide Expertise

Home Town Brokerage's team of Boston real estate agents is unparalleled in expertise and commitment to serving buyer and sellers in the area. Our collective backgrounds in all things real estate present the perfect mix of education, knowledge, and experience that can help us provide the best most thorough real estate service available to our clients. We know how to sell and buy real estate because we do it ourselves! In fact, Home Town Brokerage was birthed out of a series of personal endeavors. Check out Assetta’s personal account of real estate investment success…

Early in my career, I bought my first 3-family in South Boston which I then converted into the highest quality and highest priced per square footage condominiums in the area. Over the next few years, I successfully remodeled and converted several more buildings into condominiums. In 2009, Ryan Sullivan and I decided to begin a new endeavor – Home Town Brokerage. Originally we founded Home Town Brokerage to market and sell our own projects; however, Home Town Brokerage has quickly grown and is now my only focus.”

- Guy Assetta, Home Town Brokerage, Senior Agent

We Provide Focused, Individualized, and Driven Service

At Home Town Brokerage we have discovered a real need for buyers to have guidance in finding a new home. Our team at Home Town Brokerage helps to provide a seamless transition from selling your greatest asset (your current home) and investing in your new home, new neighborhood and new community. We listen to our client's needs and our services are customized to each individual client.

We’re Boston Homegrown

Our agents work, live, and play Boston. We each have laid down roots here in Boston in some way. Because of our commitment to the Boston community, we have a much deeper understanding of not only the home inventory, but schools, churches, businesses, and even demographics and other statistics. It’s not just about the real estate for us. It’s about the community.

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