The Best Of The Best In South Boston Real Estate

The Best In South Boston Real Estate


South Boston, or 'Southie' as residents refer to it, is divided into east and west sections by Broadway, which runs right down the middle of the region, and the entire area was the original home of Irish settlers who emigrated to this country in the 19th century. The area retains that Irish appeal, which is strongly in evidence around St. Patrick's Day.

Improvements which have been made to the Boston Harbor has caused real estate values to skyrocket in South Boston, and all the modernization has attracted a whole slew of young professionals to the area. Much of Southie contains seaside locations, albeit with numerous paved pathways for recreation, and for touring all the sights and scenes in this wonderful neighborhood.


Living in luxury in South Boston  

Of course, to best enjoy everything that South Boston has to offer, you will probably want to establish a terrific residence which you can call your own, and which can serve as the linchpin for all your activities in the area. At the end of a long workday, there's nothing more rewarding than to come home to a luxurious residence, and simply unwind to let all the cares and concerns of the day melt away, as you recharge your batteries. Such a fantastic residence is currently available at 150 West Broadway, Unit PH1, and at $1,499,999, it is practically a steal, when you consider everything it has to offer, and how happy it will make its owner.

Built last year, this luxury condo still has a refreshing hint of new-ness about it, which you can experience in the 1,664 sq. ft. of living space provided. As a spectacular penthouse residence, it has breath-taking views of South Boston and the seaside, which you can take in whenever you're lounging about at your new residence. It has an open area which is ideal as a combined kitchen/dining/living area, and which includes superior high-end stainless steel appliances that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Living area of the condo

The countertops are comprised of 2.5" thick quartzite, and they have a large overhang so stools can be nestled up close to them, when you prefer that kind of dining experience. The living space is configured in the shape of an 'L', and it includes a dining section and a living area, with two separate decks that can be accessed from the living room. One of those decks is larger than the other, and is perfect for entertaining guests who wish to admire the city skyline.

You'll really appreciate the huge walk-in closet in the master bedroom, which will make it very convenient for selecting your wardrobe for the day, without having to go through the hassle of cramped quarters. Luxury is evident everywhere in the bathroom, where marble tiles have been installed, along with double sinks and a rainfall shower head, that will make you want to spend extra time showering. Your laundry can be managed right within your condo, since the appliances are included for that purpose, and that convenience will save you from having to take laundry out for cleaning.

Two deeded parking spaces are included in the list price, which will assure you of always having a place to park your vehicles, if you choose to drive around the city. There is an extra storage closet in the garage, so you can store your belongings there without having to rent extra space somewhere in the neighborhood. You'll also have access to the common roof deck, for those times when you simply want to relax and enjoy a high-level view of the charming South Boston area of the city.

If you prefer to use the subway to navigate your way around the city, you'll have ready access to the Broadway T Station, which is just a few blocks away from this new luxury condo. From this station, you'll be able to get all around South Boston easily, without the need for a vehicle, so if either you or your partner prefers the subway to driving your own vehicle, this will be a choice you'll have. All things considered, this fantastic luxury condo  in South Boston is a bargain at the price, and will provide you with superb accommodations for as long as you choose to own it.


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    Luxury Condos In South Boston Under $700k

    Luxury Condos In South Boston Under $700k

    There are an awful lot of great things about South Boston which would recommend it as a wonderful place to live, and to enjoy the community and its surroundings. Residents come to affectionately refer to the area as 'Southie', and quickly become assimilated into the fabric of society, which is a thriving area that includes great restaurants like The Maiden and the Loco Taqueria and Oyster Bar, lots of boutiques and consignment shops such as Neatly Nested, some great places to work out like Peter Welch's Gym, and some world-class beaches, like those on Castle Island.

    A great luxury condo

    Of course, if you're going to live in Southie, you'll need a great place to take up residence, so you can really enjoy the whole experience to the max. All the wonderful shops, restaurants, and activities available in the area won't mean much to you, if you can't find the perfect place to live, which can serve as your base of operations and your retreat away from everything when you need to detach for awhile. As an example of some of the fantastic living areas available in Southie, consider the gem which is currently available at 182 Gold Street, Unit 4.

    The list price for this fantastic luxury condo is $689,999, and if you were to take a tour of the place, we think you'd agree that it's worth every penny of that amount. It includes 843 sq. ft. with two bedrooms, one bath, and a roof deck which you can use to enjoy your leisure time outdoors. It features a large, spacious living room with a gas fireplace that you and your partner can cuddle up to on a cold winter evening. The sliding glass door opens up on to the outdoor deck, where you can survey the city below and enjoy beautiful vistas of South Boston, while taking in some sun and fresh air.

    Interior amenities

    You'll enjoy cooking in the white shaker kitchen, which is appointed beautifully with granite countertops, a marble backsplash, appliances which are all stainless steel, and a charming breakfast bar, which you can use to start each day off on the right foot. The two bedrooms are both queen-sized so as to accommodate two individuals, and the closets contained in each of the bedrooms are spacious enough to hold even the largest wardrobes.

    The large bathroom is equipped with double sinks, in case you and your partner both want to wash at the same time, and there's a separate tub installed, so you can relax and enjoy a bubble bath when your muscles are aching, and you need to just sink into a pampering bath. The shower is a classy glass-tiled unit which will make you feel like you're showering in the most luxurious possible setting - which you would be.

    This all-inclusive condo also includes laundry appliances, so you won't have to take your laundry out for cleaning, and can instead have it handled right at home, while you're doing something else. If you need extra storage space for your belongings, you'll be delighted to learn that there is additional storage available in the basement, which you will have full access to, and can store your possessions safely and conveniently.

    When you need to get to work or to navigate around the city, you can simply walk a couple blocks to the Broadway T Station, and take the subway to wherever you're headed. Located at the corner of Dorchester and Broadway, this iconic station has been operating since 1917, and still serves residents of South Boston to provide safe and comfortable transportation. It's just one more reason to want to live in the neighborhood, and to appreciate the wonderful luxury condo at 182 Gold Street.


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      South Boston: A Brief History

      South Boston HIstory

      South Boston has had a very colorful history, which extends far back into the origins of this country, and which has included a number of interesting twists and turns. From its beginnings as an Indian settlement to the modern day center of the great city of Boston, South Boston has enjoyed very exciting times, and is now home to a great many Bostonians. Most people who currently live in South Boston are probably unaware of its rich history, and the present discussion will hopefully provide a few points of interest to amend that.

      Early days of South Boston

      In 1630, the Pilgrims established a settlement known as Dorchester, which was located on a peninsula referred to by native inhabitants as Mattapan, and which was located somewhat south of modern-day Boston. By 1635, Rev. Richard Mather had arrived at the settlement of Dorchester, bringing with him about 100 followers, as well as 23 heifers and cows, eight mares, and three calves. Directly opposite Dorchester there was another peninsula so small in size that at high tide it was reduced to an island.

      Records indicate that Dorchester inhabitants first came ashore on the beach which is now situated precisely in the area of K Street in South Boston. This tiny little peninsula eventually became known as Dorchester Neck, and remained the center referred to by natives as a Powwow Point, which was a very significant meeting place for their ceremonies as well as their burial ground. It appears that just before the pilgrims arrived in this region, the native population was totally decimated by a terrible plague which wiped out huge numbers.

      During Revolutionary times

      Anyone who remembers their Revolutionary history will recall that the British Parliament passed the Stamp Act in 1765, and imposed it on the colonies as a way of generating tax revenues which could be sent back to England. This act required that all colonists who had to print any kind of legal documents or publications, must affix an official embossed revenue stamp to the documents, in order to comply with the Stamp Act. A large volume of this hated stamped paper was stored at Castle William, which is the modern site of Fort Independence, located on Castle Island in South Boston.

      After the Boston Massacre in 1770, two British regiments, the 14th and 29th, left Boston and retreated to the safety of Castle William. At the time of the Boston Tea Party in 1773, a number of loyalists sought refuge in Castle William, seeking to take advantage of its stout fortifications. When the British were forced to evacuate Boston in 1775 by the American rebels, they set fire to Castle William and all fortifications in the area, hoping to leave the colonists without fortifications.

      However, most of these were competently repaired or renovated by American troops under the command of Lt. Col. Paul Revere. The date which the British were forced to evacuate on is considered George Washington's initial victory of the Revolutionary War, and is still considered an official holiday in Boston. That evacuation day is traditionally celebrated as March 17, which coincides with St. Patrick's Day. This of course means that all Southies have plenty to celebrate on March 17, and that's why it's one of the most highly anticipated dates of the year.

      South Boston in modern times

      A group of affluent (and very shrewd) Bostonians purchased a huge amount of property on Dorchester Neck in 1803, and in the following year the entire peninsula was annexed by the city of Boston. This included all 600 acres of the peninsula, which at that time was only populated by about 60 families. The investor group enhanced access to the area by constructing a toll bridge across the channel, and then set about planning the very well organized street grid which remains in place to the present day.

      Then as now, Dorchester Street ran north to south, Broadway ran East to West, A Street through Q Street ran parallel to Dorchester Street, and first Street through Ninth Street were constructed to be parallel to Broadway. Prior to the annexation, lots which had sold for $400 an acre, immediately began selling for close to $5,000 an acre, and the legacy of modern South Boston was established.


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        3 New Construction Condos in South Boston Worth Taking A Look At

        New Construction Condos in South Boston

        Late in 2017, construction began on one of the new construction condos in South Boston, luxury condo buildings on the busy A-Street corridor, with a view toward making them available at the earliest opportunity. In all, 32 new buildings were envisioned for the project, the first of those being at 39 A Street, a facility which would be home to 23 individual residences ranging from studio accommodations right up to penthouses with three bedrooms.

        All of these luxury suites represent some of the most recent South Boston new construction, and the low-end starting price is set at $500,000, with the penthouse suites offered for $1,800,000. The penthouse units would have private roof terraces which have completely unobstructed views of the city, both in the immediate area, and the expanse to the north.

        More features at 39 A Street

        Residents at 39 A Street will also have access to a common roof deck, bike storage, garage parking, and complimentary package retrieval. This new building is situated directly across from another luxury development known as the Allele, which sold out its suites in just a few months after opening to the general public. Residents of 39 A will also appreciate the convenience of the location, with the building be situated very close to the Broadway stop on the MBTA Red Line, and also in close proximity to several classy restaurants, including Worden Hall, The Maiden, and Stephie's in Southie. In the Spring of 2018, this facility opened up, and suites were offered to the public.

        Port 45

        One of the most prestigious and hottest properties in the entire city is the development of luxury condominiums at 45 W. Third Street in South Boston. Characterized by its 105 luxury units, and 109 free parking spaces, Port 45 is located very close to South Boston's legendary Seaport District, and a very short walk from the MBTA Red Line, and commuters will love the nearby direct subway line to Downtown Boston.

        Many of these 105 units are equipped with outdoor private terraces, as well as state-of-the-art kitchens, elegant fixtures, luxury bathrooms, washer-dryer combination appliances, floor to ceiling windows, and beautiful hardwood flooring. Free parking comes with each unit, and all are fitted out with smart home technology to make your life much easier and more efficient. All residents of Port 45 can expect to enjoy such luxury amenities as concierge service, secure bike storage, fitness spa, a well-equipped gym, and 24x7 security for occupants and their possessions.

        150 West Broadway

        At $1,600,000, this unit is a sight to behold, and a real bargain for any luxury condo hunter. It is a spectacular penthouse suite which has an expansive view of the entire city, and which can be enjoyed at literally any time of year. It has an open area for the kitchen, dining room, and living area, which creates a sense of spaciousness that makes it seem several times larger than its actual dimensions. With 3-1/2 baths, it can accommodate a whole family of occupants, or a huge number of guests, if you happen to be entertaining.

        You'll find brand new, high-end stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, which not only look fantastic, but which will last for a number of years into the future. The quartzite counters are 2-1/2" thick, and they just exude style and class, along with durability for the person in your family that does all the food preparation. With two decks, this unit can literally afford you a rooftop oasis and a spectacular view of the Boston skyline. There is an enormous walk-in closet in the Master Bedroom, and marble tiles in the bathroom. On top of everything else, it's situated just two blocks from the Broadway T Station, and is within a half mile of the Seaport District.


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          South Boston's Most Luxurious Properties For Sale

          When you're looking for luxury accommodations in South Boston, you already know that the location is going to be ideal, and that you're going to have some fantastic choices available to you. To make sure that your new dwelling includes absolutely everything you want and need in a residence, your best bet is to work with the real estate specialists from Home Town Brokerage, all of whom are extremely familiar with the area, and can show you the very best possibilities.

          Some of the most luxurious and the most beautiful dwellings in all of South Boston are now being listed by Home Town Brokerage, some of which are single-family dwellings and others which are listed as condos or co-ops for the right buyer. Two of the most spectacular of these listings are summarized below, and if any of them should pique your interest, by all means, contact Home Town Brokerage to inquire further about the residence of your choice.

          191 West 8th Street, Unit 5, South Boston

          This residence is available as a condo or co-op and is listed at $875,000, which is a bargain at $3,485 monthly. It comes with 2 full baths and 2 bedrooms, as well as convenient neighborhood parking for your vehicle. Newly constructed in 2015, this gem has all the luxurious perks you could want in a high-end residence, to pamper its occupants and make you want to stay inside all the time. The kitchen comes loaded with high-quality Thermador appliances, a 6-burner stove, a separate vented stove hood, a large island in the kitchen, and quartz countertops with waterfall edges.

          There's a stunning fireplace in the living room which you and your loved one can gather around on a chilly evening, as well as a huge living area in the combined living room/dining room. Lots of interior lighting brighten the place up tremendously, and surround sound in-ceiling speakers can provide atmospheric music to accommodate any mood you might happen to be in. A private outdoor deck makes entertainment with guests easy, or it can provide a nice getaway from everything else going on in your busy life.

          You'll love the master suite, with its customized walk-in closet that has endless space for your wardrobe, and the pebble shower floor with glass shower doors will make washing a pleasure rather than a necessity. The second bedroom is very large and comfortable, with an accompanying large bath, and there is additional storage available in the unfinished basement. All in all, this is one honey of a residence, perfect for one or two people.

          893 East 2nd Street, South Boston's City Point  

          If you enjoy luxury living, this is the place for you! Listed at $1,850,000, this 3-bedroom, 4-bathroom masterpiece was constructed in 2016 and includes a whopping 2,603 sq. ft. of living space for its occupants. A family with children will love the finished playroom, where kids can romp about for hours at a time in their own little world. Every aspect of this luxury townhome speak to exquisite attention to detail and craftsmanship, and all its features were designed with luxury living in mind.

          The gourmet kitchen includes a separate wine refrigerator, as well as the finest Wolf double oven, 5-burner Wolf stovetop, sub-zero refrigerator, and under-counter microwave. An island in the center of the kitchen has a 2.5" thick countertop for extra durable performance during food preparation, and there's plenty of room available when you're creating even the busiest holiday treats. An extra large living room with a wonderfully appealing fireplace can provide warmth and beauty while you're relaxing on the sofa during the cold season.

          With three separate levels to this dwelling, you'll have more space and more privacy than you ever thought possible. On the first floor, you'll love the outdoor kitchen for special entertainment events, on the second floor there will be two large bedrooms along with a full marble-tiled bath, and the entire third floor is taken up by the luxurious master suite. This huge bedroom can accommodate a king-sized bed, as well as a whole separate area for seating, a custom walk-in closet, a bath with a marble shower tiles, a soaking tub, and a private patio.


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            50 G Street, South Boston - Our Latest Listing

            As you might infer from our company name, Home Town Brokerage is a real estate agency which is located in South Boston, and does virtually all our business for clients seeking real estate in the greater Boston area. Our brokers are all very familiar with the region, and that means they have an intimate understanding of all the neighborhoods and the buildings in those areas, all across the city of Boston.

            When you're ready to look for a residence in the Boston area, you won't find any more knowledgeable or more experienced brokers to work with than those at Home Town Brokerage. From time to time, we like to feature a particular listing which we consider to be a choice offering and one that is sure to attract a great deal of attention. Such an opportunity has emerged recently, and it has become our newest featured listing - 50 G Street, located in South Boston.

            About 50 G Street

            Since price is usually one of the first characteristics of any new listing which potential buyers are interested in, let's get right to that first. The price on this 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom luxury dwelling is $1,350,000, and that includes 2,236 sq. ft. of the finest living space available in the city of Boston. Originally constructed in 1890 and newly remodeled in 2015, this is an ideal residence for a single family, with loads of first-floor space in the living room, dining room, and kitchen, no matter how many children might be included in your family.

            The kitchen is spacious and well-equipped with gas cooking capabilities and a center island with breakfast bar. This will be perfect for having a family breakfast before parents go off to work and children head to school. The center island facilitates cooking and food preparation and provides additional counter space when you're involved with cooking or baking.

            The tall ceilings add to the feeling of spaciousness, and the hardwood flooring is both beautiful and durable enough to withstand abuse from energetic children in the home. Huge, oversized windows allow for a great deal of exterior lighting to flood into your home, brightening up the entire living area, and making it seem very cheery and comfortable. When you're ready to step outside into your private grassy backyard, some exquisite sliding doors will provide access to the outdoors, and the patio area which you can use to entertain guests.

            Upstairs details

            If you think the first floor is charming and very inviting, wait till you've had a look at the fantastic upstairs appointments. An office with a view of the entire south side of Boston awaits you upstairs, along with three beautiful bedrooms and two additional baths for family members to use. The master suite is equipped with a large, walk-in closet and an impressive en-suite bathroom with double sinks, a glass shower equipped with a built-in bench, and a soaking tub that everyone will want to use to soothe aching muscles.

            Additional features

            Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be any more appealing features to describe, you'll encounter the second-floor laundry room, which is ideal for keeping household clothing sparkling clean and smelling fresh. There's also a sizable unfinished basement which you may want to use for storage, or you could undertake a project to finish the basement and give yourself even more living space. This kind of enhancement could also increase the resale value of your spectacular South Boston home, should you ever decide to relocate.

            There are nine total rooms included at the 50 G residence, and central air is incorporated into the entire facility, so when those warm Boston summers roll around, you won't be sweltering in the heat. There is also central heating throughout, and the water and sewer service is supplied by the city. The residence is approximately .3 mile from the beachfront, so if your family enjoys walks by the ocean, this will be an ideal place to launch your oceanside explorations from, and to enjoy taking photos of the picturesque local scenery.

            Payment information

            As mentioned above, the current price for this residential listing is $1,350,000, for which a down payment of $270,000 would be necessary for any interested would-be purchaser. Assuming an interest rate of 4.35%, approximate monthly payments would come to roughly $5,376 each month for 360 months, which works out to a 30-year mortgage. Of course, you would have the option of accelerating those payments if you choose to, so as to shorten the window for the total duration of the mortgage.

            Any way you choose to look at it, this exciting new listing in South Boston could be the perfect residence for some lucky single family, and if you ever decided to move away to another location, you would undoubtedly fully recoup your investment, and perhaps even realize a tidy profit from the sale.


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              14 West Broadway Luxury Living in South Boston

              14 West Broadway South Boston

              Anyone looking for a new place to live in the city, and who doesn't mind spending a little money to get a lot in return, should look no further than 14 West Broadway, South Boston. Situated in a neighborhood at the confluence of three of Boston's most distinctive areas - the South End, South Boston, and The Seaport - the luxury condos at 14 West Broadway offer everything that a comfort-minded city dweller could ever want. The building itself towers 11 stories above the city landscape, providing 47 luxury condos for fortunate residents to take advantage of.

              Everything you need to enjoy life to the fullest is included in this awesome building, with a ground-floor restaurant, a gym with all the workout equipment you'll need to stay fit, a movie theater, an open rooftop terrace with grand views of the surroundings, and a full 70 parking spots underground, and off the street. You'll also enjoy fully customized kitchens and bathrooms, entertainment systems which can be remotely managed, convenient services such as dry cleaning and laundry service, and even house cleaning, if you'd prefer to leave that to professionals.

              Located in one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the entire city, 14 West Broadway is literally a dream come true for the professional person who wishes to concentrate on work and play, rather than on maintaining a home residence. The residences are accessed via a grand porte-cochere entrance, with a full security staff on duty at all times for the protection of residents, and the security of their belongings. You won't even have to park your car - that can be done for you by a highly qualified professional valet, who will take care of your vehicle as though it was his/her own.

              Another great thing about the location of the 14 West Broadway luxury condos is its proximity to major highways, for those who must commute to work. These condos are very close to I-90, I-93, and the Red Line, so wherever you have to get to each day, it will be a breeze from your headquarters at 14 West Broadway. At the end of a long work day, you won't even have to think about where you want to go for dinner, because there's an expansive, 350-seat restaurant on the ground floor of the building, with more than 6,000 sq. ft. of space available for patrons to relax and enjoy a fine dining experience.

              The bottom line is, you simply cannot find any lodging in the city of Boston which provides more amenities, which offers better views of the city, which is close to so many entertainments and  amusements, which has finer living accommodations, and which safeguards the welfare of its residents better than at 14 West Broadway, South Boston. Below are listed some of the details about living in this area, and what you can expect when you become a resident at 14 West Broadway. After reading, contact the condo management to discuss securing your place in the city's finest luxury condo building.


              There are so many awesome amenities available at 14 West Broadway, that you'd be hard pressed to find any other facility in the city which can match the total level of luxury they provide. Guests are pampered in every phase of living, so that life here is unlike living at any other place in Boston. A partial list of all the amenities you'll enjoy at 14 West Broadway is included below.

              • Valet Parking - Right from the moment you drive up to the building, your preferred treatment begins. All residents can enjoy underground parking, so you'll never have to seek out parking spaces on the street, and you'll never have to bother with snow removal. All you have to do is pull your vehicle into the portico, and let one of the expert valet staff members park your car, while you think about what's next on your agenda.
              • Elite concierge and security - Never worry about your safety or security again, with full-time staff on hand to safeguard you.
              • Dog walking service - If you just don't have the time or inclination to go on those daily walks with your pet, just leave it to us.
              • Panoramic views - Enjoy the most dazzling views of the city or the waterfront, up on the rooftop with a cocktail or a good book. Some of the 14 West Broadway units even have private balconies or decks.
              • State-of-the-art gym - Get your daily workout in at our modernized gym facility, fully equipped with Peloton bikes, free weights, treadmills, and more ways to maintain fitness. The gym is accessible to residents just by using your key fob.
              • Entertainment system - You can manage all aspects of your in-home entertainment by using your smartphone to control a mobile device app which manages your television and music systems. When you're listening, you'll have a fantastic sound from your Sonos Sound System, standard in all units.
              • House cleaning - When your busy schedule doesn't permit time for cleaning up your unit, let our efficient cleaning personnel handle it for you.
              • Room service - After a long day at work, you may not be in the mood to prepare dinner, and that's when our fabulous room service can be of service to you. Enjoy gourmet foods prepared just for you, so you can relax and unwind from your day's exertions.
              • Dry cleaning - As a convenience to our residents, we offer dry cleaning service, to keep your finest garments ready to wear and meticulously cared for.
              • On-site restaurant and cafe - When you're in the mood for a gourmet dinner, or just a coffee and a snack at the cafe, you'll find exactly what you're looking for at our fantastic on-site restaurant and cafe. If you care to eat or snack here, you would never have to leave the building to find an outstanding dining experience.

              Things to do in the area

              Of course, there are literally hundreds or perhaps even thousands of ways you might amuse yourself in the city of Boston, which is well-known as one of this nation's greatest cities. Then too, some of the activities you participate in may be dependent on the seasons, since Boston does have a full winter-time experience most years. However, for clientele who are staying at 14 West Broadway, some of the following suggestions may find extra favor.

              • Boston Opera House - The Opera House has been recently renovated, but retains its Old World charm and sophistication, making it a great place to enjoy an opera during the season when productions are being staged. The amenities are wonderful, parking is available nearby, and there are a number of fine restaurants nearby to make your entire evening very enjoyable.
              • City Brew Tours - If you're a beer lover or even an occasional fan of the brew, this is the way to sample a number of the area's finest craft beers. These tours provide a safe and efficient way of visiting several of the region's top local breweries, and you will undoubtedly learn more about the production of beer than you ever knew before.
              • Boston Ballet - Many of the world's greatest ballets are staged here at the Boston Ballet, in the same magnificent building where ballet success has been achieved numerous times in the past. Guests are always enchanted by the superb music, the dazzling costumes, and the talented dancers featured in every production.
              • Boston Public Garden - Nature lovers will adore this Frederick Law Olmstead-designed public park, which features seasonal arrangements of flowers, and more than 600 different tree species. Recognized as America's first public garden, Boston's natural masterpiece offers some green space for city dwellers, where they can come to relax and let their cares slip away.
              • Brattle Book Shop - This is the oldest antiquarian bookstore in the U.S., and it offers more than 200,000 titles to visitors, which are either used or out of print. It also features a number of magazines which you might find appealing. Spread out over three floors of nothing but books, there is a famous rare books room which you'll definitely want to check out.
              • Acorn Street - This is one of the most photographed streets in the country, and is tucked away up on Beacon Hill. Situated a couple blocks away from Boston Common, Acorn Street will transport you back in time, with its cobblestone paving and old-style street lighting. Once the home of artisans and tradesmen in Boston's history, it has now become one of the most cherished and honored streets in the city.
              • Four-Handed Illusions - Anyone who enjoys a little magic for their evening entertainment, will be overwhelmed by this show, routinely described at the best magic show in the city. The intimate setting in the Library at the Hampshire House contributes to the overall experience, as does the Open Bar before the show, and during Intermission. You'll also enjoy the complimentary cheese and crackers, provided by the hosts as an added little evening enticement.

              Local restaurants

              Boston has one of the best restaurant scenes in the country, with new venues opening up all the time, and even better dining experiences being made available to the city's approximately 700,000 residents. The most populous city in New England, Boston has long been an area which featured the finest seafood in the country, and in recent years, has also become home to some of the best international cuisines as well. Here are some of the best venues in the city for enjoying great food and wonderful dining experience.

              • Uni - A recent addition to fine dining venues in the city, Uni offers sophisticated Asian street food, along with delicacies such as smoked sea urchin, caviar, and even egg yolk of quail. Top chef Tony Messina conjures up some innovative sashimi for patrons, to make this one of the most popular new restaurants in the city.
              • The Tasting Counter - There are only 20 seats available at a time inside this Somerville warehouse venue, but if you can get an advance reservation using the ticketing system, you are sure to be delighted with the entire dining experience. Owner Peter Ungar and his team serve up constantly changing menu items such as tomatillo pearls, camomile sherbet, and sake-lees-marinated squab.
              • Sarma - Enjoy one of Chef Cassie Piuma's specialties, a golden, thick-crust round, fancifully appointed with a relish made from pepper and black-eyed peas, and drizzled with honey and feta cheese. Patrons rave about her creations, which are often variations on traditional bar snacks and mezze, as well as some surprising nightly specials.
              • Bar Mezzana - A very new coastal Italian eatery, Bar Mezzana features snackable crostini, pasta made by hand, and a wide variety of refreshing cocktails. Colin Lynch is the mastermind behind this wonderful Italian restaurant, and his touch is everywhere in evidence in the blue and white dining room, reminiscent of Old Italy.
              • SRV - Michael Lombardo and Kevin O'Donnell have created a charming, Venetian-style bacaro in South Boston, which offers a number of very creative pasta and cicchetti's, and you simply must sample some of the elegant dessert pastries. Pastry Chef Meghan Thompson creates daily delights such as goat's milk panna cotta and strawberry and rhubarb zuppa inglese to provide the perfect ending to a wonderful meal.
              • Yvonne's - This swanky night spot has replaced the well-known 19th century fine dining mainstay, Locke-Ober, with a terrific venue where sharp-dressed singles meet to enjoy cocktails at the ancient mahogany bar, and magnificent culinary expressions such as the bavette steak Mirabeau.
              • Coppa - Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette have long kept this favorite restaurant in a top spot among the city's most popular eating establishments. You can enjoy a draft negroni or a fine Italian wine while seated at a sidewalk table, watching Boston life swirl all around you. When you're ready to satisfy your hunger, you can enjoy duck prosciutto, beef heart pastrami, carbonara with sea urchin, or specialty pizzas topped with fennel pollen or smoked bone marrow.

              To schedule a private showing of 14 West Broadway in South Boston, please contact Guy Assetta of Home Town Brokerage


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                6 Questions You MUST Ask Before Buying a Home

                Buying a home is no easy task. As Real Estate professionals we’ve seen our fair share of all aspects of the home buying process from the perspective of a buyer, seller, an agent, and an investor. We’ve learned many lessons along the way. As seasoned professionals, we’ve come to understand that in real estate as well as in any other business, it’s very important to arm yourself with knowledge and to ask the right questions.


                Home buying has many facets. One of the most important factors in your home buying success is whether or not you are actually ready to buy. There are many people who pursue buying a home without being prepared. Unfortunately, they set themselves up for disappointment down the road when they find out they might have to wait longer than they expected for an unexpected reason. One of the ways that you can begin to plan for purchasing a new home is to ask yourself these six critical questions, and then to react to whatever the answers are to those questions.

                Can I afford the payment?

                The first question you must ask yourself is whether you can actually afford to buy a home. If so, how much house can you afford? Looking at homes can be very exciting, but finding out you can’t afford the house you’ve set your sights on or worse, getting into a home where the mortgage is financially overwhelming can diminish your quality of life. That’s why it’s more beneficial to find out ahead of time what is in your budget or if buying a home is in your budget at all.


                There are two fairly prevalent guidelines for determining how much you can afford to pay when purchasing a home. The first of these guidelines recommend that you spend approximately twice your annual income on a home, while the other recommends that you don't exceed 30% of your total monthly income on a home purchase. Of course, the second of these two guidelines will require that you calculate your mortgage payment so that you'll know how that figure stacks up against your monthly income.


                There are many factors to consider when determining if a particular home is in your budget and it’s not just looking at the asking price. There’s interest, mortgage insurance, taxes, and other elements that factor into a mortgage payment as well. Feel free to use our mortgage calculator to get an estimate of what your mortgage might be for a particular home.  Keep in mind that you will have to pay taxes on the new property, and these can be calculated by researching the property tax information for the county where the house is situated. You'll have to add in a homeowners insurance to the total, and your real estate agent should be able to give you a ballpark figure on that. Once you've subtracted your down payment from the cost of the home, you should be able to calculate your monthly mortgage after applying the interest rate on your bank loan. When you have an approximate monthly figure for your mortgage payment, you should make sure that that figure does not exceed 30% of your total monthly income.


                Can I live here for the next 5-10 years?

                Buying a home is an extremely large purchase. It’s possibly one of the biggest transactions you’ll make in a lifetime. So making sure you get the right one is a top priority. Additionally, real estate is a long-term investment. Markets change. Prices go up and down. You never know what the market will do, and the last thing you want is to end up in a home or in an area you don’t really like and find out your home is worth less than what you paid for it. Being able to commit to a home long-term is the best case scenario.

                Does the home fit my requirements?

                The perfect home is one that best meets your requirements. In fact, before you even start looking for a home, it’s wise to put together a list of what you’re looking for in a home. That way decision making will be a lot easier. If you’re buying with a spouse, it’s best to sit down together and come up with all the things you want in a home. When you find a home that fits your budget, make sure it also fits your preferences. Your preferences are important too!


                The best approach to determining kind of home that you really want when you are researching South Boston homes is to make two lists, one of them being a must-have list, and the other being a nice-to-have list. On the must-have list, you should determine whether you're looking for an actual house, a condo, a duplex, an apartment, or something else. Whatever dwelling you choose should fit your current lifestyle, and the lifestyle you anticipate for the next several years.


                You should also consider the kind of neighborhood you want your dwelling to be in, and the proximity of essential services such as groceries, schools, workplace, entertainment, and possibly sports centers. You should be aware of the crime rate in any neighborhood you're considering, and what the cultural life is like in the area. Generally speaking, you should limit the must-have list to essentials, and allow the nice-to-have list to grow a little longer. This will be a good guide to test each potential candidate against when you start house shopping.

                What kind of maintenance or additional work will it need?

                We mentioned earlier in this post about making sure you can afford the home. The other side to that coin is making sure you can afford any potential repairs or updating the home might need in order for you to move in. Additionally, there are other maintenance costs you could potentially inherit with the house such as lawn care, homeowners’ association fees, home insurances, pesticide treatments, etc. Can you afford these additional costs? Are you able to facilitate any needed repairs? It’s extremely important to be well prepared when it comes to this aspect of the home buying process in order to avoid being blindsided.

                Am I ready to make the purchase?

                One of the biggest factors in answering this question is what your credit score is, and how much debt you are currently carrying. If you have too much debt at the moment, it would be advisable to take six months and pay off some of that debt load before proceeding with your home purchase. Another factor in your preparedness is how much of a down payment you could put on the house, and this can be very significant because it will influence how much you have to borrow to finance your purchase.  When you feel that you are in pretty good shape for purchasing a home, you should ask a loan officer to pre-approve you for a loan amount which you can actually afford. This will give you the confidence to know that you are ready to purchase a home, at least in the price range specified by the pre-approval.

                How can I make the most effective bid?

                For this part of the process, the services and experience of a real estate agent can be invaluable. Agents will be aware of bids on homes in the neighborhood where your prospective house is located, and they will know which bids were successful and which ones weren't. An agent will also help you avoid making a bid that's too low, or offering way too much on a specific property. If it turns out that your bid is ultimately rejected, a good real estate agent can keep you in the game, and help you prepare for the next bid.


                If you are ready to purchase a home, it’s time to contact your realtor! We’d love to help you with your next purchase. Contact Home Town Brokerage today and let’s get you in your dream home.



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                  Why South Boston is a Great Place to Raise a Family

                  Looking for a neighborhood in Boston to raise a family? There are so many factors at play when it comes to deciding what neighborhood to raise a family in such as proximity to other families, schooling, activities, security, and more. Additionally, whatever neighborhood you choose also has to meet your own personal preferences as well as your spouse’s when applicable as well. Putting all of these factors together, it’s safe to say this decision can be a tricky one. Luckily, Boston has plenty of great areas to choose from and in this post, we’ll share why the South Boston neighborhood could be a great place to raise a family.


                  South Boston, also known as Southie, is a densely populated neighborhood full of history and tradition along the south and east of the Fort Point Channel and abuts Dorchester Bay. One of our favorite areas of South Boston is amid the panoramic views of Pleasure Bay. But that’s not all. South Boston has a plethora of family recreational areas perfect for a day out with the family, a picnic, or fun activities on the water safe for the entire family. For example, you could take a stroll on Castle Island or do an excursion at M Street Playground. If you’re looking to splurge and spend some adult time away from the kids, you could take advantage of the drop-off babysitting and swim classes for kids at The Boston Athletic Club. There are many family-friendly activities and areas you could choose from in South Boston.


                  South Boston is known for great schools! Of the 9 schools located in South Boston, Perry K-8 School is one of the best with a rating of 4. As part of the Boston School District, public schools in South Boston feature high-quality education, top educators in the nation, and a host of activities to keep students engaged all year long.


                  Safety and Security is a must when it comes to raising a family. It’s imperative to feel safe in a home and in your neighborhood. One of the things we love about South Boston is it’s low crime rates. According to, South Boston scores a B when it comes to criminal activity compared with neighborhoods in the nation. South Boston is generally a safe environment to live in and raise a family.

                  With a host of community service organizations, arts and science programs, fitness activities, and kid-friendly environments, and it’s convenient proximity to downtown Boston, South Boston definitely appeals to young families of diverse backgrounds. That’s part of what makes South Boston so special. For an area to so rich in history, have ample housing, and full of so many wonderful areas of family-friendly recreational opportunities it’s hard not to at least take a look. If you’re interested in looking at properties in South Boston, give us a call. Home Town Brokerage's team of Boston real estate agents is unparalleled in expertise and commitment to serving buyer and sellers in the area. As our name suggests, our agents live, work and play in this historic city. Home Town Brokerage is located in South Boston and we have our fingers on the pulse the local real estate market - from homes in the South End to luxury buildings in the Seaport, our Boston realtors take great pride in connecting clients with the perfect residence. We’d be happy to show you around this beautiful area.


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                    Current Real Estate Picture in South Boston

                    If you’re looking for a home in South Boston, now is the time to make your move! The real estate market in South Boston is thriving. You can find everything from new construction condos, remodeled condos, to single family dwellings all in South Boston. In addition to a bountiful housing inventory, the area itself has a lot to offer. The historical significance of the area, the artsy vibes, its proximity to downtown along with convenient access to public transportation combine to make the perfect spot to call home.

                    Homes for sale in South Boston MA are great for both young professionals and families. The neighborhood has a strong sense of community and “Southie Pride” is always on full display. South Boston features panoramic views of Pleasure Bay. This wonderful area is becoming more and more popular among young professionals and families due to the number of amenities in the neighborhood as well as the proximity to the rest of the city as well as the numerous revitalization efforts that have been underway. It’s no wonder homes for sale in South Boston MA are in such high demand.

                    South Boston real estate mostly consists of traditional, triple-decker homes, a portion of which have been recently converted into condominiums. There have also been newer, luxury residential projects popping up, such as the Lofts at 36A, the Signal Lofts, and the Macallen. There is truly something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a single-family home, an upscale condo or a trendy loft, homes for sale in South Boston MA offer plenty of options to meet the needs of various budget levels. Home prices range from $229,900 to $1,700,000. Home sizes range from 456 square feet to 3,295 square feet.


                    Realtors in South Boston: Connecting You With Homes and Condos


                    There are many properties currently on the market in South Boston that are sure to please. For example, 505 E Broadway is one of our favorites!  This single family home boasts large mahogany doors, marble fireplace mantles, detailed glass, 11-foot ceilings, a grand staircase and living quarters for your butler or maid. Also, take in the gorgeous city views of Downtown Boston from the third-floor windows and a beautiful walk in the attic. This building also features 6 parking spaces located in the rear of the building.  This is a great opportunity for a buyer that either wants to develop this extraordinary large single-family property or keep it as is and restore this beautiful Victorian to its original state.

                    Another pristine property located in South Boston is 351 W Second Street. This remarkable unit is a corner penthouse with parking! It has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, oak flooring, HVAC, in-unit laundry, eat-in kitchen, breakfast bar, great closet space, 1 deeded parking space, and amazing city views. It’s also very close to Broadway shops, public transportation, and Seaport District. A new storage locker was just built for all your odds and ends! This home offers a unique amount of privacy and style for South Boston. Enjoy having your car directly behind your building on cold days. Association is pet-friendly! The professionally managed association makes life a breeze. A true gem in the heart of South Boston.

                    These are just a few of our favorite properties in South Boston. But there are many more. If you’re interested in seeing a list of available properties in South Boston head on over to our search tool and view all the amazing properties currently on the market. South Boston homes have got it all. There’s so much community spirit because it’s such a great place to call home. The area has a sense of pride and diversity. If you would like more information on South Boston real estate, please contact us today!  Home Town Brokerage's team of Boston real estate agents is unparalleled in expertise and commitment to serving buyer and sellers in the area. As our name suggests, our agents live, work and play in this historic city. Home Town Brokerage is located in South Boston and we have our fingers on the pulse of the local real estate market - from homes in the South End to luxury buildings in the Seaport, our Boston realtors take great pride in connecting clients with the perfect residence.


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