History of South Boston Real Estate

As real estate professionals in South Boston with decades of experience, we can tell you that time knows no boundaries. We’ve seen ups and downs in the housing market in Boston but one thing is for sure, home prices are steadily rising. It’s really interesting to look back through the history pages and see the difference between what homes sold for historically compared to now. All across the country, you’ll find this pattern perpetuating in every industry and the housing market is no different. Take a look with us down memory lane.

About South Boston

South Boston, a neighborhood the locals affectionately called Southie is a beautifully quaint community centered neighborhood close to downtown Boston. What was once a home for Irish Catholic immigrants, South Boston is now a densely populated neighborhood full of history and tradition along the south and east of the Fort Point Channel and abuts Dorchester Bay. South Boston features panoramic views of Pleasure Bay. South Boston is becoming more and more popular among young professionals and families due to the number of amenities in the neighborhood as well as the proximity to the rest of the city as well as the numerous revitalization efforts that have been underway. Real estate in Southie has seen an increase in price over the last several years. Remaining true to its roots, South Boston has a rich Irish Catholic heritage and is home to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which celebrates the Irish-American culture. South Boston is home to Dorchester Heights, a National Park. Fort Point in Southie is a hub for the arts community. There are also several popular beaches in Southie as well as waterfront parks and organic markets.

Rich in History

The historical significance of the area dates back to the late 1700s when  George Washington placed a cannon on the fields in what was known at the time as Dorchester Heights which forced an evacuation of British troops from Boston. One interesting thing of note about South Boston is that some of the oldest public housing in the United States can be found here.  Although you wouldn’t know it now from the various redevelopment projects currently in the works, South Boston was heavily populated by middle-class families. Now as we make way for new construction condos, remodeling older homes, and major construction projects, we’ve seen major shifts in the neighborhood including our skyline, the population, and the business community.

Hike In Home Values

Because of these many changes, home prices have steadily increased. In fact, within the last year, home prices in South Boston have increased by as much as 8%. The average home price in South Boston today is nearly $700,000. Based on trends from the past few years, we can only expect to see more increase. For example, we wouldn’t be surprised if average home sales reach a record $750,000 in South Boston by late 2019. This is a striking difference from what homes were selling for in 1940. Statewide homes were selling for $39,000 back in the mid-1900s. What a huge difference? Inflation can’t take all the responsibility for this great disparity though. Homes were much smaller back then and as we mentioned earlier, most residents of South Boston were middle-class working immigrants.

It’s no secret that the housing market can change at a moment’s notice. It is our job to keep a pulse on this ever-changing market to provide you with the best customized and informative service as we can. If you’re interested in hearing more about homes in South Boston, get in touch. We’d love to show you around.


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    Top 2018 Housing Market Trends in South Boston

    Top 2018 Housing Market Trends in South Boston

    South Boston is quickly becoming a destination for young professionals, families, and entrepreneurs. The area affectionately called Southie has been trending for a while now and has gained quite a bit of traction since some recent add-ons and new developments.


    The neighborhood of South Boston, once a predominantly Irish Catholic neighborhood, but now home to young professionals and families, is a hotbed for history, tradition, and new developments. This area known as Southie is neighbored by Fort Point Channel and abuts Dorchester Bay. Southie features panoramic views of Pleasure Bay and is attracting a migration of many different people due to the number of amenities in the neighborhood as well as the proximity to the rest of the city. Numerous revitalization efforts have been underway including a bustling restaurant scene, hotels, retail shops, and new construction.  There are also several popular beaches in Southie as well as waterfront parks for outdoor activities and organic markets.


    As Realtors in the area, we’ve seen some interesting trends going on in the housing market here in South Boston. You’ll be surprised at what you can find here as a buyer, but you’ll also learn that you will have to act fast. Things change quickly in South Boston.


    Properties don’t remain on the market for too long. Therefore, it’s important to be clear on what you want and how much house you can afford if you’re buying. Currently, South Boston is a sellers’ market. If you’re selling, it’s still not easy.  Because the market turns so quickly, you might end up with lots of offers that you’ll have to sift through in order to find the right buyers.


    Looking at home values in South Boston, the median value is $690,800, that’s a 3.8% increase since last year and values are consistently rising over the course of the last 5 years. Why are home values rising? South Boston is under heavy development. More and more people are moving to the area for its strategic location to downtown as well as the new luxury construction currently being developed. If we take a look at the median price of homes currently listed in South Boston, we see that the value is $899,000 a striking increase from the current median value of homes. However, among homes that have recently sold, the median price was $648,100. Good news for buyers!


    Based on these trends, we can see that there’s a bit of wiggle room for buyers to get a home in South Boston at a fair price based on current market value. However, over time values, listing prices, and sold prices show that this may not be the case long term.

    For information on homes in South Boston contact us. We can help you get your real estate needs met, whether you’re selling, buying, or investing. We have educational and professional backgrounds in every aspect of real estate and beyond. Get in touch and find out how we can help.


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      Echelon Seaport Current Status

      Echelon Seaport

      Have you checked out Echelon Seaport yet? These new construction condos located in Boston’s Seaport District feature a mix of luxury and convenience.


      Although construction is not complete, you can already see that this large development will have plenty to offer. Three mixed-use towers totaling 1.3 million square feet of space are currently under construction. The entire area spans 3.5 acres across Boston’s Seaport District. As mixed-use facilities are being developed across the country, Echelon Seaport will be one of Boston’s newest facilities of this nature.


      Boston’s Seaport District provides an excellent backdrop for the addition of Echelon Seaport. Right in the middle of historic Fort Point District and Boston’s extravagant waterfront, The Seaport District brings just enough flare and character to hold its own. This vibrant neighborhood is a cooperative style community of artists, innovators, and entrepreneurs. The deep history alone of the area creates a huge attraction. However, the youthful, vibrant energy of the people there make it all the more eclectic and unique. You’ll see this exciting cross-section of history meeting artsy vibes in style, look, and feel of the buildings, for example. A quick drive through the area will turn up a mix of 100-year-old warehouses paired contemporary and modern architecture demonstrating the heart of the Seaport District.


      Echelon Seaport condos for saleEchelon Seaport will feature over 700 residencies and 125,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space. Also, two of the three towers will contain nearly 500 luxury condominium residences while the third tower will contain luxury apartment homes. Modern, open floor plans will be a premier feature among the residences. In addition to high-end appliances and spacious living accommodations, residents will also enjoy two signature outdoor pools, an indoor pool, expansive sun decks, charming courtyards, and oversized private terraces.


      As we mentioned before, this mixed-use development will also feature retail shops and restaurants, high-quality spots that will attract residents and visitors alike. These attractions will be located among Echelon Seaport’s first two floors. Among these shopping and eating options, there will also be a new pedestrian mall, Autumn Lane, and a new courtyard, Harbor Square. The design of this unique space is mapped out to create a community which embodied nature, art, and health. There will be multiple passages and streets for walking and taking in the scenery. There will also be outdoor seating on multiple levels, distinctive artwork, and beautiful tree canopies.


      Parking will not be a problem and Echelon Seaport as the development will allow for over 500 vehicle parking spaces in an underground parking garage.


      Echelon Seaport is currently under construction and is slated for completion between late 2019 and early 2020. We’re waiting patiently for this project to near completion. The addition of this new development will be a beautiful add-on to the area’s already beautiful skyline.

      If you’re interested in learning more about Echelon Seaport, contact our office today. We’d be happy to give you a tour and tell you more about this exciting new development in Boston’s Seaport District.


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        437 W 4th St - Single Family Home For Sale In South Boston

        437 W 4th St - Single Family Home For Sale In South Boston

        If you’re interested in buying a home in South Boston, we’ve got a great property that just might be right for you. 437 W 4th Street is a single family Victorian style home with luxury features and lots of space. The builder has taken pride in creating a functional yet elegant living space that fits a variety of different lifestyle needs. The floor plan was designed to include a spacious, highly functional kitchen and lots of storage. With breathtaking views from the roof deck, you’ll be sure to love 437 W 4th St.

        Tucked away in the highly sought after neighborhood of South Boston, 437 W 4th Street is a dream home with character and lots of flare! This home is built for luxury, but exudes comfortability at the same time. The spacious roof deck, chef’s kitchen, breakfast bar, and extra large windows are just a few features highlighting its unique luxe-comfort combo. This older home has recently been completely restored and brought up to date. Its modern features mixed with a historical architectural style personifies perfectly the South Boston neighborhood, in which 437 W 4th Street is located.

        The neighborhood of South Boston, once a predominantly Irish Catholic neighborhood, but now home to young professionals and families, is a hotbed for history, tradition, and new developments. This area known as Southie, is neighbored by Fort Point Channel and abuts Dorchester Bay. Southie features panoramic views of Pleasure Bay and is attracting a migration of many different people due to the number of amenities in the neighborhood as well as the proximity to the rest of the city. Numerous revitalization efforts have been underway including a bustling restaurant scene, hotels, retail shops, and new construction.  There are also several popular beaches in Southie as well as waterfront parks for outdoor activities and organic markets. 437 W 4th Street is within walking distance to all the shops and restaurants that South Boston has to offer.

        It’s clear that the South Boston location of 437 W 4th Street is a win! Let’s take a look at the other winning features of this home. This 3126 square foot masterpiece has 11’ ceilings and a gas fireplace with marble surround. The formal dining room provides plenty of space for entertaining guests easily seating 10 with room to spare. The kitchen is adorned with lots of cabinet space, marble counters, a marble backsplash, 6 burner oven, stainless stove hood, and a separate pantry area. The lower level has a fully finished 18’x30’ family room with 8’ ceilings. The Master Suite is elegantly laid out with a walk-in closet and shoe closet. The bathroom is fit for a King (or Queen)! With its walk-in shower, built-in bench and a soaking tub, you’ll never want to leave. There are 3 more large bedrooms and 2 more bathrooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The third floor is where things get interesting. You’ll be met with 3 decks, which include a seating area, a water spigot, and electrical outlets. Plus, the upper roof provides stunning city views and another large seating area. The living space extends outside with a green grass backyard and one garage space.

        Did we pique your interest? Get in touch with one of our agents and schedule a showing to see this home up close and personal or if you prefer to view the virtual tour online. We would be happy to give you a private showing so you can see this beautiful home. But act now, while it’s still available. There’s no telling how long 437 W 4th St will stay on the market.


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          How to Find The Perfect Home in South Boston

          House hunting is a very personal, intimate process for home buyers. We have helped countless people buy homes in our neck of the woods, and we can absolutely say that it is one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences in life. Incidentally, each city and neighborhood has its own set of unique challenges and rewards. Take South Boston, for example. There are a lot of unique things to consider when buying a home in South Boston. South Boston has undergone a tremendous change in the past 20 years. With new construction, city-sponsored revitalization projects, and migration, the landscape of South Boston looks quite different than it looked 20 years ago. With these changes come new inventory and sweeping trends in the South Boston housing market.  As we dig deeper into these factors we’ll show you exactly how to find the perfect home in South Boston.

          How Much House Can You Afford?

          The first step in finding the perfect home in South Boston or any neighborhood for that matter is determining your budget. We stress that our clients go into the home buying process with the ability to make sound financial decisions as it relates to their buying power. Knowing what your limits are can help you identify homes that fit within your individual comfort level and needs. The average price of a home in South Boston currently sits between $700,000 and $800,000. That’s not to say you can’t find something cheaper. It just gives you an idea of what to expect when looking for a home in South Boston. Take a look at our mortgage calculator, to get an estimate of what your monthly mortgage payments will be by plugging in a few numbers. This will give you a rough idea of what your monthly payments might be, based on the list price of a house.

          Do you Know the Lay of the Land?

          The other thing to note about buying a home in South Boston is knowing the general area, who lives here, and what’s so great about the area. Once a predominantly Irish Catholic neighborhood, but now home to young professionals and families, South Boston has the perfect combo of character and luxury.  South Boston, affectionately known by us locals as Southie, is a densely populated neighborhood full of history and tradition. From the panoramic views of Pleasure Bay to the new vibrant scene of bustling hotels, restaurants, and local shops, Southie has become a highly sought after neighborhood attracting diversity, business, and flare.

          Additionally, this area has caught the eye of condominium developers, which significantly increases the available inventory in Southie. There are a number of new construction condo projects such as 150 West Broadway, 527 East Broadway, and 11 on the Dot, to name a few, currently under development in South Boston. This trend of luxury condos and mixed-use work-live spaces is sweeping the nation, of which South Boston is at the forefront.

          How Quickly Can You Act?

          Although, new construction condos have significantly increased inventory in the market, homes in the South Boston neighborhood are going fast. The average number of days on the market for currently listed homes in South Boston is under two months. We recommend having a knowledgeable agent to help keep a pulse on trends and current inventory so that you’ll be notified of new homes matching your unique tastes. It’s important to have an idea of what you want as well.

          What does South Boston offer?

          In addition to luxury condos, converted condos, and new construction, Southie also has a large selection of older traditional homes as well. The ever-evolving and trendy west side of South Boston, for example, consists of traditional triple-decker style homes with an average of 1800 square feet, large bedrooms, and sizable living spaces. As we mentioned earlier, Southie is a wealth of history and the homes are here to prove it.

          South Boston is full of variety and continues to grow. If current trends are any indication of what’s to come in the future, the Southie neighborhood will be quite the scene! And we’ll be here for every bit of it. If you’re interested in buying a home in South Boston, we can help. Get in touch with one of our agents to set up a few showings. We’ll educate you on all there is to know about this amazing neighborhood and get you into your dream home.


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            How to Improve the Value of Your South Boston Home

            How to Improve the Value of Your South Boston Home

            If you're looking to sell your South Boston home in the near future but don't know where to start, it's often helpful to get an idea of how much your property is worth as a jumping-off point. This figure can help you decide what you may sell your home for, how much home you can afford to move to, and what improvements you can make to boost that dollar figure. The higher the value of your home, the more you can ask for it when you do decide to sell.

            Improving the value has to start early, though, and it often takes some time to get the changes implemented that will show results. The first step is knowing how much your home is worth in today's market. Luckily, Home Town Brokerage offers a free comparative market analysis, which is a report that helps you determine how much your home is worth in the current market. The home value estimator bases its results on similar recently-sold properties, under-contract properties and properties for sale. So, if you are thinking about selling your home, our team can guide you from start to finish. It all starts with your address.

            Knowing what your home is worth is half the battle. Keep in mind you will have to shell out thousands, sometimes tens of thousands for real estate agent fees and closing costs, so the ticket price on your home isn't necessarily what you will pocket. According to, Boston ranks as the sixth most expensive place in the country to sell a home, with sellers paying out an average of $34,000 in real estate agency fees and closing costs. Therefore, boosting the value of your home as much as possible will only benefit you in the end. There are also optional expenditures to consider as well.

            Because we are immersed in a hot seller's market right now, homeowners must plan things out well before listing their property. From de-cluttering to staging to pre-inspections, agents and homeowners often spend weeks or even months prepping a home before placing it on the market. Making the right improvements now will help you out later. Here are some tips to help your home sell faster and at a higher price point.

            Fresh Coat of Paint

            Most sellers think this one is too subtle to make much difference, assuming that only obvious, high-end improvements will do. They also may assume that a bright white throughout the home will suffice in all rooms. However, if you neglect a new coat of paint or go too uniform and safe with white, you are missing an opportunity to become more emotionally evocative and obtain a higher sale price. Consumer Reports says sellers can see a gain of more than $1,000 just by painting their kitchens a warm, neutral yellow like wheat. Why? These colors boost the happiness factor. For bedrooms, go with soothing colors like light and mint green. Stay away from colors that turn people off, such as dark brown bathrooms or bright orange living rooms.

            Kitchen Update

            It seems life is centered around eating and entertaining, which is why an updated kitchen is so important to buyers. Got a dated kitchen? Consider getting new cabinet faces (white Shaker is popular now), new flooring (think hardwood in wide planks), appliances (stainless steel is out and colors are back in), and smart connectivity (think smart thermostats and home security systems). Such systems can be controlled by smart phones, an added convenience to busy professionals, families and couples looking to save time and money on their energy bills. Adding a security and video system isn't too invasive, either. Many models can be installed in seconds, with no pre-wiring or drilling. You can wire some door and window sensors, wall-mount some glass break sensors and set up cameras in the main areas. Do all or pick one.

            Adding Storage

            It's no secret that South Boston yards are tight on space. But to add extra storage appeal to a small yard, consider putting in a sturdy shed to expand the available space. This can be used to store lawn mowers, tools, sports equipment, bikes and more. Sheds are versatile and they don't cost nearly as much as a permanent addition. Add a window and it can be used for a work or craft room. These unique extra spaces are appreciated by discriminating buyers who want more for their money -- especially in an expensive community like South Boston.

            Curb Appeal

            The first thing buyers see when they pull up to the curb is your front yard and landscaping. Overgrown shrubbery and dried out lawns signal neglect, and buyers may not give you a second look let alone pay you what you want for the house. It doesn't take much to refresh the mulch, add some vibrant flowers, paint the mailbox and add some potted plants to the porch. Even painting the porch and shutters can boost the perceived value of your home because it's aesthetically appealing. While you're at it, inspect the roof and replace any missing shingles.

            Interested in selling your home in South Boston? Check out Home Town Brokerage's home value estimator that acts as a free comparative market analysis. The first step is determining how much your home is worth in the current market. Contact us today at 617-877-1479 or email us at


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              South Boston Condos For Sale

              South Boston Condos For Sale

              The waterfront in South Boston is a prime spot for real estate. Whether you decide to live right on the water or opt for waterfront and skyline views, you can't go wrong living in Southie. Featuring upscale bars, trendy coffee houses, boutiques, multi-families, stores fronts and luxury condos, South Boston is becoming the popular place to live, play and work. The median single-family home goes for $680,000, and condos go for $632,000 representing, according to The Boston Globe, making it the ideal market for Boston area developers and sellers. Here are some South Boston condos and multi-families for sale to take a look at. Scheduling showings at any of these is simple and convenient.


              437 W 4th Street

              437 W 4Th Street

              437 W 4TH Street is a Victorian style home with four bedrooms and three and a half baths. This renovated condo is quite the work of art. It is completely restored and modernized and is 3,126 square feet of pure luxurious history with a modern touch.

              11’ ceilings are a focal point for this beautiful, luxurious home. It also features a stunning gas furnace with a marble surround. The perfect space for entertaining, this open floor plan comfortably seats 10 in the formal dining room. The location for this property is a dream with beach area just within ½ mile. The price of this property is $2,150,000, with an estimated mortgage payment of $8,807 per month. Take a look at the other wonderful features this property has to offer:

              • White cabinets to the ceiling
              • Marble counters & marble backsplash
              • 6 Burner oven
              • Stainless stove hood
              • Breakfast bar with separate pantry area
              • Triple windows
              • Walk in closet & shoe closet
              • Soaking tub placed under 3 large windows
              • Walk-in shower with built-in bench
              • Double sinks, & private water closet
              • Office
              • Roof deck
              • Garage & storage


              881 East 2nd Street

              881 East 2nd Street, Unit 11

              A penthouse dream! Enjoy the life of luxury at 881 East 2nd Street, Unit 11. This 1,872 square foot luxury condo features magnificent views of the Boston skyline. The expansive rooftop deck was made for relaxing and enjoying breathtaking views equipped with a direct gas line for outdoor cooking and an outdoor TV! This unit, fit for a King or Queen, includes 2 bedrooms, an office, and 2 ½ baths.  High-end appliances are in abundance such as a Sub Zero refrigerator, a Wolf double oven and stove top.

              Impress guests with a 10' kitchen island that opens to a large, light-filled corner living room with a gas fireplace. The master bedroom features a large walk-in closet and a spacious en-suite bathroom which includes a steam shower, double vanity, and a separate soaking tub.

              To top it all off, here are some of the other amazing features this unit has to offer:

              • Wet bar
              • Wine refrigerator
              • 3 heated garage parking spaces
              • Extra deeded storage
              • 3 zones of built-in audio
              • 2 zones of Central Air with Nest thermostats
              • A full size stacked washer and dryer

              The estimated mortgage on this property is $7,169/month. Situated in South Boston’s City Point, this dream penthouse is perfectly built for you.


              150 West Broadway South Boston

              150 West Broadway, Unit 12

              Priced at $1,450,000, these three-bedroom, two-bathroom condos were recently constructed in 2017, with unmatched city views, particularly with the corner unit. Emblazoned as the cornerstone of the ideal location and revolutionary design, 150 West Broadway gives you modern interiors with floor plans that optimize the use of all available living space. With sky-high ceilings and oversized windows, loads of natural light will flood every room. This unit was built around the idea of natural comfort, thanks to warm oak floors and open layout kitchens with fully-integrated appliances, Quartz countertops, and custom cabinets. These gourmet kitchens also include oversized stainless steel sinks, glass tile backsplashes and high-end appliances and fixtures manufactured from Jenn-Air and Grohe. You'll enjoy the prepping and entertaining space you'll get with the oversized islands and peninsulas.


              Comfort gets top billing with central heating and central AC. Topped off with a deck and a master bedroom balcony, 150 West Broadway Unit 12, is unique in its offerings. You get quick access to all the beauty and attractions of the Seaport area, as well as the entire South End neighborhood, a Whole Foods market, multiple restaurants and the Broadway Red Line T Station, which is ideal for people commuting to Cambridge and other surrounding areas.

              To schedule showings at any of these three properties, contact Home Town Brokerage at 617-877-1479 or email us at


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                New Construction Condo Prices in South Boston

                In the past few years, Boston has seen its fair share of new construction condos. Ranging from mid-priced to luxury, a quick ride through Boston’s trendiest neighborhoods will reveal that there’s no shortage of new construction condos and the boom doesn’t seem to be slowing down. For example, South Boston, a forward-thinking area known for arguably some of the best views in town, leads in the avalanche of new projects being started in Boston since as early as 2015. Many projects in the South Boston waterfront area such as the multi-billion dollar Seaport Square Development have been the catalyst for new construction and an influx of new residents in the area.

                If you want to live in a condo in South Boston, here are a few things you should know


                The Area

                South Boston is a highly sought after neighborhood. The area most affectionately known as, ‘Southie,’ is home to the famous St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Its vibrant nightlife, restaurant scene, access to highways and downtown have made it a very popular neighborhood. Did we mention how close the South Boston neighborhood is to waterfront attractions? Empty Nesters, families, and young professionals have all found and made South Boston a quaint home with accessibility, and breathtaking views to beat. What was once a settlement for Irish middle-class workers has become an epicenter for one of Boston’s largest booms since the 1630s.


                Price Range

                Overall, home prices in Boston have increased by as much as 5.5% in the past year. Real estate market trends in South Boston have been on a steady increase in recent years. In fact, NeighborhoodX lists South End as one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Boston where the average home is sold for prices ranging from $713 per square foot to $1,559 per square foot. That means a 900 square foot condo could sell for $1.4 million such as the case for South Boston’s busy A Street corridor where new condos are currently under construction. For example 39 A Street is a new construction featuring 23 residences ranging from studios to three-bedrooms features “custom-designed Italian kitchens with energy-efficient appliances, hardwood flooring, large closet spaces, ‘smart’ home systems, in-unit washer and dryer, central air and wheelchair access.” These homes range from $550K to $1.8M.



                New construction condos in South Boston all have one thing in common, luxury. Shooting for a modest studio condo? Or, a spacious penthouse with an amazing rooftop terrace? Either unit type will invoke prestige and excellence in a number of ways. Features such as hardwood flooring, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and Victorian architecture paint the picture of luxury for incoming residents. Another common theme we’re seeing is a focus on views. Whether it’s a breathtaking view of the city skyline or a relaxing view of the waterfront, views are a major feature builders seek to incorporate into new construction condo builds all over the area.

                With proximity to Downtown Boston, quick access to major highways, nearby waterfront attractions, a booming restaurant scene, and great nightlife, what’s not to love about South Boston? New development all over Southie is underway. The only thing missing is you!  If you’re interested in buying a new construction condo in the sought after South Boston neighborhood, now is the time to buy. If previous trends are any indication on what the market will do in the future, prices will be even higher in the coming years. Contact an agent at Home Town Brokerage and let us help you get the best deal at your budget.


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                  Top 5 Parks Near South Boston

                  Boston is known for a lot of great things. However, one of the city’s best kept secrets is its extensive network of parks and waterfront areas with breathtaking views. With so many park areas to choose from we’ve narrowed down a list of five of our favorites near South Boston. Read on and you’ll see why...

                  Castle Island Park

                  Castle Island Park consists of a whopping 22 acres of lush greenery and the five bastions of the old Fort Independence which is open to the public for exploring. Whether your planning family activities or a brisk walk, there are lots of ways you can enjoy Castle Island! The park also features a quaint beach offering peaceful views of sunsets. The park connects to the mainland and the JFK library making for a fantastic biking loop.

                  Joe Moakley Park

                  Directly south of South Boston sits Joe Moakley Park. An expansive park with impressive facilities such as soccer, softball and baseball fields, basketball courts, playgrounds, a tennis court, as well as a football stadium. The best feature of all at Joe Moakley Park is the amazing view of the Boston Skyline. Ample parking lots on opposite ends afford convenience and did we mention Joe Moakley is right next to Carson Beach?

                  Piers Park

                  Just north of South Boston is Piers Park. Piers Park Sailing Center offers the right combo of sailing and park activities for everyone! Not even a decade old, Piers Park offers fabulous views of the Boston skyline  There is plenty of greenspace and usually plenty of music. Kids enjoy free access to slides and water activities. Even if you visit Piers Park just for the views you won’t be disappointed! With passing ships in the nearby sea, best views of the skyline, and rich greenery, this park is truly mesmerizing.

                  Marine Park

                  If you love waterfront views, then you’ll love Marine Park. Right at the edge of Pleasure Bay, Marine Park features tranquil scenery and an easy walk out to Castle Island for even more beautiful views. This park also features lawns, a playground, and athletic fields. Water sports, walking, biking, and amazing views make this park a great attraction for a pleasant escape from the busy city. One of the benefits of Marine Park is that there is plenty of free parking for added convenience.

                  South Boston Maritime Park

                  Just north of South Boston is The South Boston Maritime Park. This award winning park features a large shaded lawn and pergola structures with seating and a semi-year-round cafe. As part of the city’s redevelopment efforts, the South Boston Maritime Park pays homage to the area’s rich maritime past. The park also features beautiful landscaping, a fountain, benches, public art, as well as public restrooms.

                  There’s something for everyone at these 5 parks located near South Boston. Fun activities such as family get-togethers, biking, eating, brisk or leisurely walks, water sports, sunset gazing and more can be had throughout these beautiful areas. But don’t take our word for it! Make a day out of it and enjoy the fun these parks have to offer.


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                    Real Estate Market Trends for South Boston

                    The rising price of South Boston real estate is luring in all sorts of buyers from all over the area. More and more people are looking to stick closer to Boston for the convenience of it all, yet they still can't afford the prices that homes and condos command in the prime areas. As a result, South Boston real estate is witnessing a boom of epic proportions, one it really hasn't seen in, well, ever. That's why we're seeing South Boston condos for sale with higher price tags than anyone would have thought to cater to before.

                    Those high prices do come with some pretty nice perks, though. From state of the art appliances and amenities to access to on-site restaurants and gyms, these aren't your run of the mill condos. The Boston Globe points out that South Boston is seeing an unprecedented influx of median single-family home prices of $680,000 and condo prices of $632,000, a 70 percent surge in just seven years. Consider that the median price of a condo is $790,000 up 16 percent from last year and climbing toward $2 million for luxury full-service buildings.

                    Why Such a Demand?

                    What's accompanying this upward trend? Well, the unemployment rate is about 16 percent lower than the national average and the per capita income is 60 percent higher than the national average...this makes Southie a desirable place to set up shop and raise a family. South Boston condos are commanding a cool $700,000, well over those seen in Allston and East Boston at $422,000 and $416,00 respectively. People aren't looking to stray too far from Boston proper. North Reading, Wilmington and Tewksbury are just too far out for them. Quincy is expensive in its own right, and short of living right over the line in New Hampshire (where the prices are fairly cheap), the ideal option is to stay right here in Southie.

                    The location is great, thanks to that city feel and plenty of eateries, fitness centers, coffee joints and retail spaces to keep you occupied. Buying a luxury condo means you get a guaranteed parking space or two -- which are in short supply in the city anyway. Plus, you don't have to even leave the property to hit the gym, grab a bite to eat, or enjoy some green space. Let's take a look at some premier properties in South Boston that prove our point.

                    Luxury Condos Selling Fast

                    150 West Broadway, forming the cornerstone of location and design, is comprised of 24 high-end condos, plenty of on-site parking spaces, an elevator and common terrace. On track to be finished this year, these condos are all about natural light with a variety of layouts available in one, two and three bedrooms. You get cavernous ceiling heights and over-sized windows, garage parking, a common outdoor roof deck, marble and porcelain tile bathrooms, Grohe plumbing fixtures, Jenn-Air appliances and white shaker cabinets in the kitchen, and open layouts throughout. Here are a few other must-see features:

                    • Oak flooring
                    • Oversized windows and sliders
                    • Quartz countertops and custom kitchen cabinets
                    • Glass tile backsplash
                    • Private outdoor balcony for many units
                    • Garage parking for one to two vehicles

                    It sits just two blocks from the Red Line T, so you can easily commute to Cambridge or other areas. You're close to the Seaport District and the South End, as well as new restaurants, and a Whole Foods market. Fun fact: Guy Assetta of Home Town Brokerage has all the listings in this building. Call him now to find out more!

                    100 A Street is also new to the area, a six-story luxury condo featuring spacious units, space for a coffee shop or cafe, and a parking garage. This luxury condo has nine units spanning six stories, zoned for commercial usage. You'll find a five-car parking lift as well, with a convenient option of eight more spaces to rent out from a nearby garage.

                    The land used to be the site of Williams Tavern and My Diner and has both common and private roof decks. This is the latest in a string of changes to this area of A Street, such as the State Street Building, 900-space car garage, and the development of 69 A, says Caught in Southie.

                    The Surrounding Area

                    Southie has long been known for its history, character and thriving arts community run by many working local artists. The area is also known for its many pizza places, diners, coffee shops, restaurants, retail spaces and more. The nearby beaches are a big draw in the summer, especially Curley Community Center's family-friendly shores. Mayor Walsh has set aside part of the budget for much-needed upgrades to South Boston in the years to come, including paving many streets, tackling an overhaul of Medal of Honor Park, and making renovations to many other community parks, according to

                    Property values in this area are among the highest you'll find, depending on the size, style and level of luxury you want. In addition, the price tag shoots up if the property is considered waterfront or not. Because the market is favoring sellers right now, it's not uncommon to see condos in South Boston listed for less than 30 days on the market -- the majority in less than a week. Bottom line? Interested buyers can't rest on their laurels or make big demands. They need to prepare to offer something fast, and not just at asking. Many are going well above asking, with some even opting to waive the inspection to snag the South Boston condos for sale that they have their eye on.

                    To get in on this growing real estate trend in South Boston, contact Home Town Brokerage at 617-877-1479 or fill out our online form for a speedy reply. Or, you can search any property you like in South Boston or any of its neighborhoods, from the Back Bay to Beacon Hill.



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