Real Estate In South Boston You Need to See

Real Estate In South Boston You Need to See


Most people in the greater Boston area and even some people in different areas of the country are aware that something special is happening in South Boston, with the neighborhood enjoying a tremendous resurgence in recent years and some truly inspiring growth. Much of that growth is of the residential kind, and some tremendous luxury properties in South Boston have only recently become available, due to the efforts of developers of real estate in South Boston. Below are listed descriptions of three particularly attractive luxury properties in the area, and these are some residences that really need to be seen to be believed. Any one of these is a dream come true, and for the right person, any of them could become the dream of a lifetime.

409 West First, Unit 9, South Boston 

This sprawling, magnificent condo has a full 4,005 sq.ft. of living space, including its own fully applianced cabana. Built-in 2019, it is still sparkling new and comes with three bedrooms and four bathrooms to accommodate a large-size family or group. At $2,999,000, this property is a steal, especially when you consider all the other amenities it includes besides the enormous living space. The spacious trophy kitchen is equipped with a Wolf Stove, two 10-ft. islands, two Sub-Zero refrigerators and wine-coolers, two dishwashers, and a custom coffee-making area.

In addition to the double cozy gas fireplaces, there are three king-size master suites with full walk-in closets, free-standing soaking tubs, and steam showers. When you care to go outside, you'll have truly awesome views of the whole city before you, so you can relax in an outdoor chair, sipping a favorite cocktail, and enjoying the city skyline. You'll have two private decks for your viewing, as well as direct access to a huge roof deck, where you'll have more great views of the city. There's also a laundry area, hardwood flooring, central air, and loads of extra storage space, all for you.

2 West 6th Street, Unit 402, South Boston 

One of the finest luxury properties in South Boston, this 2,695 sq.ft. masterpiece was built in 2017 and it contains three bedrooms and three baths, all for the affordable price of $2,780,000. One of the first things to catch your attention in this outstanding condo is its luxury kitchen, containing white lacquer cabinets, over-sized kitchen island, and 48" Sub-Zero refrigerator. This gorgeous kitchen opens up into a stunning living room, where you'll see the stone surround gas fireplace and direct access to a wraparound terrace from which awesome views of the city skyline can be enjoyed. 

The master bedroom suite contains its own gas fireplace and terrace, as well as California walk-in closets at 15' x 8'. You'll love the contemporary bathroom, which features a Kohler airtub with steam shower, and radiant floors which must be experienced to be truly believed. There are two other huge bedrooms included, each of which have their own baths and outdoor deck areas. Your personal laundry room is also part of this property, along with a custom bar, and a mudroom entrance which will keep all the undesirable outdoor debris from finding its way into your luxury palace.

527 East Broadway, Unit Ph5, South Boston 

For a mere $1,850,000, you'll get 1,894 sq.ft. of the finest real estate in South Boston, built-in 2019 and ready to house someone with great taste and a remarkable flair for living. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms come with this extraordinary condo, and that will give you all the space you need to invite friends over for a special dinner party or to simply have family members drop in for an extended stay. The gourmet kitchen comes equipped with Sub-Zero refrigerator and Wolf Stove, gorgeous 2-1/2" thick white quartzite countertops, and a huge breakfast bar that can accommodate the whole crowd.

The master bedroom has its own extra-large walk-in closet, along with an en-suite bath, which is equipped with double sinks and a large, double-sided glass shower. There's plenty of room for extra storage for all your belongings, and there's also a laundry room included, so you can have clothes cleaned and dried right in the condo without having to take anything to a laundromat. Garage parking also comes with this condo, so it won't be a hassle for you to constantly find parking spaces on the city roadways below. Altogether, there are six rooms included in this tremendous luxury property, and you'll love spending time in each one of them. 

All three of these properties are superb examples of the recent revival of luxury living in South Boston, and once you've had a chance to acclimate to the area, you'll quickly fall in love with what's happening in this remarkable section of the city.


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    South Boston Real Estate Forecast For 2020


    Boston has been a great place for real estate investment for many years, and since the greater Boston area contains roughly 70% of the entire state population of Massachusetts, it stands to reason that a great many people will be living in the metro area at any one time. There has now been a fairly long stretch of increasing prices for Boston real estate, which is of course in keeping with the soaring demand for housing, and that includes a lot of the luxury housing which has been recently constructed in South Boston.

    The forecast for luxury housing as well as other housing, in general, continues to be favorable in South Boston, at least through the first half of next year. The trend which saw new luxury condos being constructed in all available space, and sometimes on previously occupied locations, is likely to continue through at least the second quarter of 2020, according to most housing forecast experts. Beyond that time frame is a little harder to predict, with many experts urging caution about the longer-term prospects, primarily because they expect a natural downturn after this extended boom time.

    What supports the Boston economy? 

    There is a great deal of support for the Boston economy, and this is one of the reasons that the housing market has continued to remain strong for so long. In recent years, the city has become home to a great many businesses in the areas of tourism, transportation, financial services, and most recently, a strong influx of venture capital. Funding for a great many startup companies is pouring forth from the metro area financiers, so that it is quickly becoming a haven for support for FinTech, MedTech, and  EduTech startups.

    The economy has stayed strong for another reason as well. As many Baby Boomers retire, newcomers from out of state are rushing in to take their positions and fill the void left by departing expertise. This has provided a whole new source of income and commerce for the city, with all these new state residents buying or renting homes, and availing themselves of the vast array of services provided by the state and the city of Boston. With employment opportunities abounding, pay scales are also rising to attract new talent, and the whole regional economic benefits.

    Housing market crash? 

    While there are a few nay-sayers who continue to predict a housing market crash in 2020, these are mostly the same individuals who have been predicting the same thing for the last 5 or 10 years - and it still seems unlikely for the coming year. Employment is extremely good in the Boston area, and the stock market remains on a positive trend, and all this bodes well for the housing industry. In September of 2019, first-time home buyers snatched up 14% of all homes sold in the region, and that was a contributing factor to having housing prices rise by nearly 6%. 

    The U.S. economy as a whole continues to perform well, despite expectations of a slowdown, and the global economy appears stable as well, if not exceptionally strong. Economic and political factors seem to indicate that a bull market will prevail in the stock market for the next several months, and this is another positive influence on the South Boston housing market. The accompanying low-interest rates will also help to sustain strong growth in the housing industry, and will serve to keep prices rising, if only modestly.

    The bottom line 

    The overall Boston housing market for greater metropolitan Boston for the three-year period ending in 2021 is strongly positive, and the accuracy of this trend forecast has been historically proven to be 78% accurate. For the past several years, South Boston has enjoyed a huge growth spurt in both business construction and housing facilities, probably even more so than any other neighborhood within city limits.

    This alone should be a strong indication that South Boston real estate can expect to have a fairly strong year in 2020 when it comes to new housing and for rising prices associated with the sale or rental of housing. If a downturn does occur, it does not appear to be anywhere on the horizon at present, so real estate investors can remain confident about any investments in the South Boston area.


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      St Regis Residences: What We Love About The Seaports Latest Luxury Condo


      There are truly a great many things about the St. Regis Residences to love, and if you were to spend even 15 minutes browsing through them, we're sure you would fall in love before leaving. These are the first St. Regis accommodations to be built in the Boston area, and they are situated in the ideal portion of the city, right by the waterfront. If you love views of the harbor and the waterfront, you'll find a lot to appreciate about living in one of these luxury condos, where the design and the overall experience strongly favor the nautical experience.

      The Residences themselves were built to emulate the billowing sails of a great seagoing ship, and being in such close proximity to the waterfront accentuates that notion. Residents can watch the sun come up from their balconies, and take a walk down the charming Harborwalk, where all kinds of seaside sensibilities are evoked. Dining at any of the many fine restaurants in the area will also conjure up emotions of the seagoing experience, with seafood being prominently featured on many of the best dining establishments in the area.

      Interior appointments of the St. Regis Residences 

      So what can you expect as a resident of one of these fantastic luxury condos? First of all, there are 114 spectacular residences at St. Regis, including everything from a very stylish single-bedroom dwelling to an elegant multi-bedroom penthouse, with all the amenities. Each of these residences includes a fantastic view of the harbor, where ships coming into or leaving port can be observed from the balcony. Expansive living spaces are included in all residences, so that the feel of luxury is evident in every dwelling. 

      Contemporary fixtures abound, and panoramic windows allow in a great deal of sunlight to enhance your enjoyment of the seaside landscape. Floor-to-ceiling windows make your residence seem open and airy, and the Juliet or walk-out balconies provide the perfect opportunity to relax and observe the activities going on below. Wide plank oak floors offer a touch of elegance and warmth to the dwelling, as well as low-maintenance efforts for those who are not especially inclined to housekeeping.

      When you're in the mood to cook, you'll love preparing food in the stylish and tastefully appointed kitchen. An open design offers plenty of space and light, and the custom Italian-made cabinets add a touch of class to the room. Polished marble countertops are dazzling to behold, and the appliances are of the highest quality, so you can do all your food preparations in style and with ease. The overall ambiance of the kitchen is fresh and invigorating, which is perfect when you're ready to get down to cooking meals.

      Since just about everyone spends significant time in the bathroom, the builders of the St. Regis Residences have gone all-out to ensure that the bathroom of your dwelling in the St. Regis Residences is a place you'll love to spend time in. You'll come to think of it as your personal space, somewhere you go to rest and re-charge, and to pamper yourself with a warm bath or shower. The showers and baths are very spacious, so you won't have to squeeze in, or be careful when you move around. Contemporary styling is everywhere in evidence, and you'll find your bathroom so appealing that you may want to extend that bath by a few minutes every time you indulge yourself.

      General information 

      The St. Regis Residences have been constructed at 150 Seaport Boulevard, right in the heart of the waterfront district. An extension of the Harborwalk has been built all around the Residences so that occupants can easily get to it, and can enjoy the 43-mile expanse of seaside pathways. The building itself is 22 stories high, and will have perfect views of the harbor area, which means all residents can enjoy watching the comings and goings of the great ships in Boston. There are three levels of underground parking, and a signature restaurant included on the premises, as well as an entire floor (the fourth floor), devoted to providing all the amenities a resident could ever want in a luxury lifestyle.

      Interested in the St. Regis Residences? 

      If the St. Regis Residences sound as good to you as they do to us, please do contact us at Home Town Brokerage. We'll be glad to answer any questions about The Residences, or to setup an appointment for viewing.


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        What Makes Us A Top South Boston Real Estate Agency


        Two of the biggest assets a real estate agent can have are a thorough knowledge of current real estate trends and topics, and a deep knowledge of the local housing market. Those qualities are in evidence whenever you're talking with agents from Home Town Brokerage (HTB), each of whom is well-versed in the local market, and with the real estate industry in general. Of course, having a genuine interest in houses and in architecture is also a plus for someone in the industry, and that's another quality that each of the HTB agents has in large supply. 

        Apart from the strictly professional qualities, some other excellent recommendations for a good real estate agent are the honesty and integrity which are appreciated by everyone they come in contact with. Buyers of homes, sellers of homes, professional colleagues, community leaders - all these individuals have a great deal of respect for real estate agents who can maintain their honesty and integrity while conducting business. It's not true of all professionals in the real estate business, but it's certainly true of the agents from Home Town Brokerage.

        Home Town Brokerage agents

        One of the things that sets Home Town Brokerage apart from the crowd is the outstanding group of agents who have brought their talents and knowledge of real estate to our company. It begins right at the top, where owner/agent Ryan Sullivan holds the dual distinctions of being a licensed real estate agent and licensed attorney. This gives him the unique perspective of being aware of many of the legal aspects associated with real estate, as well as the real estate issues themselves.

        Guy Assetta is a Senior Broker in the firm, and was involved in the founding of Home Town Brokerage. His 17 years in the business of custom home-building and remodeling make him an ideal person to understand the nuances of the real estate business, and to represent the interests of clients wishing to buy or sell their homes.

        Agents Peter Joseph Ascenzo and Sean Campbell have spent years in this area learning all the details about specific communities, which positions them ideally to serve as agents buying and selling residences in those communities. William F. Kane is a Certified Buyer's Agent who has more than a decade of experience in the Boston real estate market. A lifelong resident of the area, Mr. Kane has an exhaustive knowledge of Massachusetts communities, and has a strong connection to many of the landlords in the Boston area.

        Understanding the appeal of South Boston

        Another reason that Home Town Brokerage must be considered one of the top real estate agencies in South Boston is the keen awareness that all HTB agents have for the unique characteristics of South Boston. Each of our agents has a fond association with Southie, as it is known, and the long history and tradition which it has enjoyed in the region. Stretching south and east along the Fort Point Channel, and directly adjacent to Dorchester Bay, Southie also provides some fantastic views of Pleasure Bay.

        HTB agents have carefully observed the growth and development of Southie over the past decade, and are aware of the steady influx of young professionals. This is no surprise, given the fact that the area offers so many amenities, and is also undergoing something of a boom time with regard to revitalization. A whole slew of building projects has been initiated in recent years, both for luxury buildings and for new business accommodations. Since it's also extremely easy to navigate to other parts of the city from Southie, it is the perfect place to settle down and take up residence for these young professionals and their families.

        The area is also host to a number of terrific beaches, as well as some markets and waterfront parks, which attract both residents and tourists. The tremendous charm of South Boston has a great deal to offer to incoming professionals, and HTB agents are well aware of all the fantastic selling points which the area legitimately boasts of. Agents having this kind of knowledge are well-equipped to represent the area to incoming visitors and people considering a move to the Boston area.

        A top real estate agency in South Boston

        Any consideration of the effectiveness of real estate agents, including those working in the South Boston area, must also include a measure of their results. After all, a professional who is honest, committed, and knowledgeable might also be one who achieves very little. So, the last metric which characterizes Home Town Brokerage as an organization of distinction and achievement must be the results which it has achieved over the years. In virtually every neighborhood of South Boston, and in several other sections of the city as well, Home Town Brokerage agents have played a significant role in buying and selling some of the very finest homes on the market, far more than their fair share. The track record of HTB agents assures them a spot in the upper echelon of Boston-area real estate agents.


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          Guide to The Boston Harborwalk


          Boston is a great place to be in the summertime, and everyone in the city enjoys taking a trip down to the waterfront, which has so much to offer. The Boston Harborwalk is one of the most popular features along the waterfront, consisting of a walkway which extends from Charlestown all the way down to the Dorchester coast. It is nearly 50 miles long, and along the way there are myriad opportunities for lounging, for playing, enjoying good eats, and just appreciating some marvelous scenery. There are also public art displays, greenways, and even a few museums, so as to capture the attention of just about anyone who chooses to take even a short walk along the Harborwalk. Here are some of the highlights you can expect along the way, so you can choose which part of the Harborwalk you want to enjoy on any particular day.



          In the Charlestown area of the Harborwalk, one of the most popular features is the US Navy Yard. Many a history buff has spent the entire day at the Navy Yard learning about all the history displayed there, and seeing for themselves some of the artifacts from this country's naval history. The USS Constitution, which is also known as Old Ironsides, is there on display, as well as a World War II destroyer ship, which can be explored by all. For anyone who is interested in examining maritime artifacts and art, you can pay a visit to the Boston Marine Society, which is also located in this area. Very near the Navy Yard, you'll find the Boston National Park, Shipyard Park, Paul Revere Park, and the City Square park. All of these will provide relaxing natural scenery, and in the case of Paul Revere Park and Shipyard Park, there are also great playgrounds available for your kids.



          Along the Dorchester section of the Harborwalk, there are a tremendous number of recreational spots, as well as some great cultural opportunities. You'll be able to visit the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum which is situated on Columbia Point, where you can learn about his tenure in office. There are a number of large-scale outdoor sculptures to be seen at UMass Harborwalk. For just plain having fun outdoors, you'll appreciate Pope John Paul II Park which is situated on the Neponset River, or you can take a swim at Tenean Beach. This terrific waterfront area is one of Boston's best kept secrets, and includes a wonderful playground, picnic tables, and numerous water fountains to keep everyone cool.


          East Boston

          If you have kids, the East Boston section of the Harborwalk might be ideal for you, since it includes a number of playgrounds and water activities which children love in the summertime. In fact, the most kid-friendly location along the entire Harborwalk may be Constitution Beach, where you'll find a fun playground, plenty of picnic areas, and lifeguards on duty throughout the summer. The East Boston Greenway offers some beautiful walk paths and bike paths, as does Piers Park. At these two venues, there are also some splash pads that your kids will just love playing in on a hot summer day.


          The North End and Downtown

          As you might expect, the Downtown section of the Harborwalk is one of the most popular portions of that structure. The New England Aquarium is located along this stretch, as is the Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park, which has a spray fountain, a playground, and loads of space to relax and enjoy the scenery. When you're ready to get in out of the hot sun, you can visit the Boston Harbor Hotel and check out the collection of 90 Boston Harbor maps, which chronicle the changes undergone by the waterfront area between the 17th and 19th centuries.


          South Boston

          When you take a stroll along the South Boston section of the Harborwalk, you'll find miles of public beaches, as well as some working harbors and some delicious seafood restaurants. There are huge cruise ships to be seen along this section, as well as a number of fishermen trying their luck at catching their limit. There are plenty of swimming places, including Castle Island, Carson Beach, and the L and M Street Beaches. Your kids will love picnicking, swimming, and playing at any of these terrific venues, and the whole family can tour Castle Island, where historic Fort Independence is situated.


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            Are The St. Regis Residences On Sale Yet?


            Although the St. Regis Residences will not be completely finished until the year 2020, sales of these magnificent luxury condos are already underway, so you should act now to secure your unit. Located in the bustling Seaport District at 150 Seaport Blvd., The Residences are considered to be some of the most luxurious full-service residential accommodations in the entire city. Design of the St. Regis Residences has been handled by Elkus Manfredi Architects, and the construction is being managed by Cronin Development. The Residences provide a stark presence on the Boston city skyline, being constructed in the shape of the sails of a great, tall sailing ship. The interior design contains a continuation of that maritime theme, with a number of nautical references sprinkled throughout the entire building.


            What's included in The Residences

            When completely finished, the luxury condominiums of The St. Regis Residences will be 114 in number, and these will be distributed over 22 floors. Many of these units will have private outdoor spaces, which will allow occupants to unwind and relax, completely apart from the hustle and bustle of the city itself. Many units will also feature floor-to-ceiling windows, hardwood flooring, magnificent luxury bathrooms, and state-of-the-art kitchens and appliances. Fine dining will be available for residents on restaurants situated on the first floor, and the entire fourth floor will consist of amenities provided to occupants to enhance their lifestyles. There will be a workout facility, a spa, and even a golf simulator for those who are interested in sharpening their golf skills. There will also be a full-time concierge, as well as round-the-clock butler service for residents of The Residences. Garage parking will be available, and an owner's lounge will offer a relaxing area for residents to sip a cocktail and unwind from a day at the office, or from a hard workout in the lap pool or at the fitness center. With so many services provided to residents, life at The Residences will mostly consist of enjoying the beauty of the surroundings, as well as the fantastic modern amenities available in every unit.


            Pricing information

            Pricing information is already available for the luxury condominiums available at The St. Regis Residences, and these prices will remain in effect right through to completion time. For a one-bedroom condominium, the starting price would be $1.7 million, and for a one-plus bedroom condo, that starting price would rise to $2 million. For those moving into a condo with a partner, and having a two-bedroom requirement, the price of a luxury condo at The Residences would be $2.9 million. There are also larger-sized condos which might be appropriate for a small family, with three-bedroom accommodations priced at $6.75 million. All of these units, from the smallest to the largest, are outfitted with the most modern and convenient appliances, as well as stylish and decorative interiors. It will only take one tour through any of the condos to convince you that this is luxury living at its finest, and that it's the place you should be when living in the Boston area.


            The surroundings

            You could hardly pick a more exciting, more vibrant part of the city to live in than the Seaport District. Once a disreputable haven for seagoing individuals of all types, the Seaport District has undergone a complete facelift in the last two decades, and has now become one of the very most desirable sections of the city to live in and to work in. A great deal of development has been undertaken in the last 20 years, and the pace of that development has not abated even now. The St. Regis Residences are situated right at the waterfront, where you can literally take a seat on the pier, or enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Boston Harborwalk. There are nearly 50 miles of Harborwalk that you could enjoy, stretching from Charlestown all the way down to Dorchester. In that long expanse along the waterfront, you'll find every kind of recreational opportunity, along with cultural venues, numerous restaurants, and a number of places you can take your children to. There is literally no finer lifestyle available in the city, than in the area of the Seaport District occupied by the St. Regis Residences.


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              Upcoming Boston Seaport Developments

              There's no doubt that the city of Boston is in the midst of an unprecedented building boom, and there are a number of huge and spectacular projects already underway, which promise to help revitalize the city, and provide it with even more appeal than it already has. The Seaport District is an area of particular interest, with a great deal of attention being focused on constructing new luxury buildings where condominiums and apartments will be provided to fortunate tenants and buyers. Some of the most inspirational and awe-inspiring of these projects are identified below, some of which will be completed this year, and others which will see completion in the very near future. 


              Omni Boston Seaport Hotel 

              This project got underway in May of 2018, and will be the fourth-largest hotel in the city when finally completed. This is a $550 million project that will add 1,055 rooms on Summer Street, directly across from the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. There is a whole catalog of hotels currently being constructed in the city or which are planned for construction, and this one is the biggest.

              The Seaport District has long been identified as an area which is under-served by hospitality facilities, making it perfect as a location for the Omni Boston Seaport Hotel. The facility will be 21 stories high and will include 100,000 ft.² of event space and meeting space, with the largest hotel ballroom in the entire Seaport District. The Omni Inn will provide permanent jobs for between 700 and 1,000 Bostonians, making it one of the biggest employers of the area.


              88 Seaport

              This construction project will include 18 stories, with 400,000 ft.² of office space, and 60,000 ft.² available for retail enterprise. It is situated in a prime location, just a whisker away from the Financial District, as well as the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway. This entire area is seeing a huge revitalization, after falling into disuse following World War II, and later becoming infamous for criminal activity and parking lots. All those negative connotations are long gone now, and the natural resources of the area are being exploited and enhanced by a number of spectacular construction projects, including 88 Seaport.


              NEMA Boston

              This project is situated at 399 Congress St., and is a 22-story building which will have 414 apartments available for residential occupancy. It is being developed by Crescent Heights, and is expected to be completed sometime during the year 2019.


              Waterside Place Phase 1B

              With construction currently underway at 501 Congress St., this project is scheduled to be completed sometime in the year 2020. When finished, it will offer 312 units for dwellers, and will rise 23 stories high above Congress Street. It will be an apartment tower with street-level retail offerings, along with 84 parking spaces, and altogether will include 345,000 ft.² of space.


              No. 9 Parcel K

              This project is underway at 315 Northern Ave., and is a combination hotel and residential building being developed by Lincoln Property Company. The expected completion date will be sometime in 2020, and when it's finished, it will offer 304 units to the public, in 12 stories. The Hyatt Place hotel inside will provide 294 rooms for travelers, and will offer tremendous views of the Seaport District for those passing through the area. Altogether, the project will embrace 500,000 ft.² of residential and hotel space.


              The St. Regis Residences

              Slated for completion sometime in 2020, this project is currently underway at 150 Seaport Blvd., and is a residential construction which will be 22 stories high. There will be 114 condominiums available for purchase when the project is completed, and there is no doubt they will quickly be snatched up, since this is a prime location in the city, and is considered to be one of its most dynamic sections


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                KPF Architecture at The Echelon Seaport

                The Echelon Seaport development is currently the largest ongoing construction project in the city of Boston, and when completed in the year 2020, it will represent the most spectacular luxury development ever initiated in the city. At that time, there will be 733 residential units available, with 448 of them being luxury condominiums. The development will also include 125,000 ft.² of restaurant space and a landscaped piazza sized at 19,000 ft.². There will also be at least 285 other apartments offered to the public for lodging.

                The buildings which comprise the Echelon development, will have a number of very appealing amenities and features which are sure to appeal to potential tenants and buyers. In addition to having a full-time doorman, concierge, garage parking, and valet parking, there will also be strong security in effect at all times, so that residents can feel safe at all hours. There will be three outdoor pools, a resident fitness center, a yoga studio, an indoor basketball court, a fire pit, a club level lounge, and private dining. When coupled with the most modern interior accompaniments, these luxury dwellings will provide all the comfort and enjoyment that any tenant could possibly ask for.

                On top of the spectacular construction techniques and the magnificent amenities, this development is situated ideally in the rapidly growing Seaport District of Boston. That puts it just a few steps away from the area's finest waterfront restaurants, Boston's financial district, and the beloved Harbor Walk. The architectural firm behind this magnificent project is Kohn Pederson Fox (KPF), a firm which has developed some of the world's tallest towers and longest spans.


                Echelon Seaport

                There are two main residential towers featured in the Echelon Seaport development, which are cleverly designed to allow for the inclusion of 48 terraces across the residential apartments. A wide variety of materials and details have been built into the community structures, so as to evoke dynamism, yet to retain a unified character which identifies it as a superb modern neighborhood. 

                The overall design of the project has a strong commitment to community activity, with the main entrances of the towers facing an interior piazza, connecting them to a whole network of pedestrian walkways and streets between them. This was intentionally designed so as to encourage more foot traffic, and to allow for such activities as farmer's markets, volleyball games and tournaments, and ice-skating in the cooler season. The entire neighborhood includes a number of roof gardens, playgrounds, courtyards, and parks, adding to the beauty of the community and to the city of Boston as a whole.


                About KPF

                KPF architectural firm has projects all over the world, and some of these are among the most impressive and modernized developments in their respective countries. With offices in New York, London, San Francisco, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Abu Dhabi, Berlin, and Singapore, the company is truly global in its reach, and well-represented in terms of its major construction projects in the great cities of the world. 

                Well respected for their commitment to strengthening urban areas and promoting sustainable environments, KPF is also recognized as a firm that routinely achieves commercial success with their development strategies. Virtually every construction project undertaken by KPF has served to inspire the community where it is constructed, while also being a genuine reflection of that community spirit.

                The architectural firm works closely with clients to ensure that all the best features which exploit and enhance regional resources are taken into account. When fully completed, the Echelon Seaport development will represent another of KPF's finest achievements, and will undoubtedly become a fixture in the Boston landscape for decades to come


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                  The Echelon Seaport Lifestyle

                  Echelon Seaport


                  The Echelon Seaport District is one of the most exciting initiatives underway in the entire city of Boston, Massachusetts. When this ultra-modern construction is completed, it will house a full 733 luxury condos and cooperatives which will be made available to the constantly swelling numbers of incoming municipal residents. Every aspect of these condos exudes luxury and fine living, and the location of these residences is in one of the most picturesque, iconic sections of a city which has a long and rich history in this country.


                  The Seaport District


                  The Echelon Seaport District is situated in a redeveloped and revitalized area of the South Boston waterfront, which is well favored with a number of upscale bars, hotels, and restaurants. Both residents and visitors to the area enjoy casual conversation and daytime refreshments at café tables along the Harborwalk. The enormous Boston Convention and Exhibition Center is located in this area, and summertime concerts are staged at Lawn on D, where there is also a generous area provided for outdoor games like ping-pong, bocce, and frisbee throwing. The Institute of Contemporary Art adds a touch of class and modernism to the region, with its appealing glass walls facing the harbor, and with the interior contents providing a fascinating glimpse into the art world for visitors.


                  Condo features


                  Each of the luxury condos housed at Echelon Seaport is equipped with private decks, terraces, and a spacious floor plan that will give residents the feeling of being in a royal palace. Residences also have oak wood floors installed throughout, with large open kitchen areas, and custom Italian cabinetry which looks more like artwork than a functional living utility. The luxury units are each provided with at least two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with higher-end units having three bedrooms and four bathrooms. The flexibility offered by these units means that a single person could be very comfortable living in one of these condos, or an entire family could easily be housed inside, with state-of-the-art living.




                  The Club Level of Echelon Seaport offers a number of retail outlets as well as restaurants, so that residents can interact with people from the outside, while also enjoying the convenience of fine dining within the building. There is 19,000 ft.² of space which has been committed to developing a beautiful courtyard that provides walkways to each of the buildings, and which can be enjoyed and appreciated during warmer weather. Also on the Club Level, occupants will have access to a private dining room, a sumptuous fireplace lounge, and luxurious outdoor terraces which are equipped with grill stations and fire pits, all of which extend the living space of your condo.




                  All residents will have access to one indoor swimming pool as well as two outdoor swimming pools, and to maintain wellness and fitness, there will also be a yoga studio, a golf simulator, and an indoor basketball court, so residents can exercise and maintain fitness. The facilities provided are truly state-of-the-art, and will be more than adequate to help all occupants maintain exactly the level of fitness they desire for themselves.



                  In keeping with the luxury theme of the Echelon Seaport lifestyle, a number of essential services are provided to all occupants of the buildings. There will be a 24 x 7 concierge service, as well as full-time valet parking which all residents are entitled to. Doorman and porters will also be available to assist residents with building access, and with the transportation of any goods from place to place.


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                    Residences Available at Echelon Seaport


                    There's a major initiative underway to revitalize the Seaport District of Boston, Massachusetts, and one of the thrusts included in that initiative is to construct buildings which can be used for living and working in an ultra-modern setting. One of the most impressive construction efforts ongoing is that of the luxury condos and apartments available at Echelon Seaport.


                    A total of 733 luxury units will be made available when construction has been completed, and these will be housed in a three-tower complex which rise up to various heights that will add significant visual appeal to the Boston skyline. Included in the living area is generous recreational space, a courtyard for relaxation, and several restaurants to facilitate public interaction. The new luxury condos and apartments will have private decks, swimming pools, terraces, and variably-sized spacious floor plans for incoming residents to select from. A sampling of the superb units available is described below.


                    133 Seaport Boulevard, Unit PH 2C, Seaport District


                    Featuring nearly 2600 ft.² of living area, this Echelon Seaport three-bedroom, four-bathroom palatial condo is available for a modest $5,768,700, with an estimated mortgage of $21,556 per month. It has a private terrace with expansive views of the southern and western skyline of Boston, and it faces east to the harbor area to take in views of the sea as well.


                    Its marble bath looks very much like a spa, and the condo is equipped with a gas fireplace and rich, customized Italian cabinetry. The oak wood floors are prevalent throughout the condo, and occupants will have access to both indoor and outdoor pools, as well as state-of-the-art facilities for fitness. Residents will enjoy 24×7 valet parking, as well as a full-time concierge attached to the building.


                    133 Seaport Boulevard, Unit 708, Seaport District


                    With three bathrooms, two bedrooms, and a study which can be used as a home office, this Echelon Seaport luxury condo boasts almost 1500 ft.² of living space, adorned with floor-to-ceiling windows facing Seaport Boulevard. Oak wood floors are installed throughout the condo, with a large kitchen and custom Italian cabinetry. Occupants will have access to two levels of restaurants in the building, with more than 50,000 ft.² of outdoor amenities as well as indoor offerings.


                    At the Club Level, occupants will enjoy a private dining room, a fireplace lounge, outdoor terraces, and fire pits with grill stations that can be used for outdoor cooking, and to extend the living space of your condo. Enjoy 24×7 concierge service as well as valet parking, with full-time porters and doorman available to assist you as needed. Available at an affordable $2,350,000, this unit carries a $5,588 monthly mortgage, making it a steal at the price.


                    133 Seaport Boulevard, Unit 1120, Seaport District


                    For individuals seeking a somewhat smaller luxury condo, this Echelon Seaport gem is available at $1,995,000, or $7,403 per month as a mortgage payment. It has three bathrooms and two bedrooms, with wonderful sight lines of Seaport Boulevard and the outer harbor. Appliances are Thermador-integrated, and the marble bath takes on the appearance of a luxury spa. Rich, custom Italian cabinetry is prevalent throughout the open kitchen, to provide a feeling of spaciousness and luxury.


                    For occupants who are concerned with wellness and fitness, there will be access to state-of-the-art exercise facilities, including a sports simulator, a yoga studio, and an indoor basketball court, as well as both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. As an extension of your living space, you can enjoy facilities provided at the Club Level, including a private dining room, a fireplace lounge, and grilling stations with fire pits, all designed to increase your available living space.



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